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The use of SMS in hotel marketing

Smartphones is one piece of technology that we use everyday, that can also play an important part in the tourism sector. Not only does nobody leave the house without their mobile phone, it has now become an essential part of any trip abroad: as much a source of information for tourist attractions and restaurant guide, as a camera and GPS.

It is for this reason that increasing numbers of tourist attractions are using SMS in their promotional marketing. One big advantage for hotels and other accommodations is that SMS campaigns are very direct. They can be used to confirm reservations, inform tourists about check-in and meal times, assign rooms, or provide information on how to get to the hotel etc.

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Publication: 03.20.2018
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

Advantages of sending SMS in tourism marketing

  • Capture the attention of customers with SMS Service

The biggest advantage of SMS marketing is that the message recipient is going to see the information quickly and securely. For example, hotels can send WiFi passwords, or notify a guest of any changes to their reservation.

  • Call to action with SMS Landing

With SMS Landing you can send bulk SMS with the aim of sending out a QR code, confirm payments, say happy birthday, or invite a customer to a VIP Club, fill out a customer satisfaction survey once checkout has been completed, or send marketing for tourist attractions (discounted or combi tickets to visit monuments, museums, hotel events etc). You could also send a welcome SMS when customers check in, inviting them to have a drink at the bar, go to the spa, or opt in to the breakfast buffet, for example.

  • SMS Service Personalization

In addition, the LabsMobile SMS Platform allows you to customize your bulk SMS, meaning that each user will receive a personalized message. For example, to confirm reservations or to complete check ins, the customer will receive a message addressed to their personal name, for example:

Dear Mr. John Smith, welcome to our hotel. We cordially remind you that our breakfast buffet is open from 9am-11am. For more details, just ask at the reception desk.

Dear Client, we very much enjoyed having you at our hotel, and hope that you will visit us again soon. Use the code “EDRS98E” when booking online to get a discount on your next stay.

The use of SMS in hotel marketing

Guests of a hotel or future clients can receive information about all the hotel services or available options for their trip through SMS. SMS messaging helps in marketing strategy to attract tourists to hotels, and in providing the best service possible. This will also improve your ratings and reviews, improving the ranking of your hotel on booking platforms online such as TripAdvisor and Booking.  

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