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The importance of using SMS in your Christmas campaigns

Christmas is getting closer, and with it, the possibility for companies to launch SMS campaigns to capture new leads and keep current customers.

So is it really important for a company to send an SMS to its customers?

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Publication: 12.20.2017
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

Yes, above all if you bear in mind that this method of communication has so many advantages that other formats cannot do so effectively.  

Why should you trust in SMS to carry out your SMS campaigns?

We know that Christmas is a time when all competitors bring out their repertoire of sales strategies. Customers are oversaturated with information but are emotionally sensitive at this time of year, encouraged to buying products for their friends and loved ones.

The importance of using SMS in your Christmas campaigns.

With so much stimulus, if a company wants to send a message to customers, it’s not a good idea to utilize the same method as other brand messages. This communication should be personal and emotional enough for the customer to understand that behind the brand, there is a team of people that care about them. The perfect way, therefore, to reach the customer is through SMS. Other methods, such as email or social media, don’t have the personalization and intimacy that SMS offer.

SMS allows companies to show their creative side and get a message to their customers, which, as well as being emotionally intimate, can also be original, direct and a little suggestive to attract attention. In addition, the versatility of SMS allows companies to carry out various campaigns including offering discounts and promotions, and reminding customers of promotions on the day.

The importance of using SMS in your Christmas campaigns.

Celebrate Christmas with Labsmobile SMS campaigns and help your clients to enjoy the holiday season with excitement and happiness.

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