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The best strategies for dropshipping stores with SMS marketing

Online dropshipping stores are gaining a lot of popularity. These work as a link between a client and a wholesale supplier, since the companies do not have or manufacture the products they offer. What's more, they don't even have contact with the product most of the time.

One of the main factors for the success of dropshipping stores is their communication with customers. For this, they need a channel that is effective and reliable. Text messages and SMS Marketing appear there.

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Why use SMS?

Text messages have several advantages that are very important for a business like dropshipping. The ones that stand out the most is that they allow for rapid communication and a relationship of trust, which is essential.

The main benefits of sending SMS on a platform like LabsMobile are:

  • A very high open rate, of around 98%, so clients will surely read the messages. 
  • A quick, massive, international method for sending. 
  • Short messages that prevent the client from forgetting what they read. 
  • In LabsMobile, you’ll be able to store your database (importing an existing one or creating a new one) to achieve a better personalization of your SMS. 

Text messages are superior to other communication channels, like emails or phone calls. Many studies have determined that clients prefer communication via SMS. 

Uses of SMS for a dropshipping store

SMS are very flexible, and allow you to meet different objectives. With them, different strategies and uses related to dropshipping can be carried out. The ones that stand out the most are the following:

1 Get all the information about the orders

This type of company works as a link between client and supplier. Therefore, you must communicate order information at all times. From the moment the purchase is confirmed until the product is about to be shipped.

Sending an SMS is a good way to remind customers when their purchases will arrive so that someone receives them. You can also inform them about possible delays, date changes, etc.

2 Recovery of abandoned carts

Many times, a customer enters the site, places various products in his basket, but for some particular reason does not complete his purchase. This phenomenon is known as an “abandoned cart” and it happens more than you think.

With SMS, it is possible to win back these customers, reminding them of their intention to make a purchase. This allows you to increase sales and capture those customers for the future.

3 Sales marketing

Text messages are ideal for promotional campaigns, offers, or discounts on products. Its short message allows for a clear and concrete call to action, emphasizing the client's need to take advantage of the situation. It can be done at any time, but it becomes more relevant on key dates of the year: Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber ​​Monday, and others.

4 Creating reliable and stable communication with clients 

Text messages allow you to create and maintain stronger relationships with customers. For this, customization is everything. Sending an SMS with the clients’ names generates more interest and makes the person feel valued. On the other hand, generic messages provoke greater rejection on the part of clients. Constant communication also creates a habit between the company and the client and creates greater trust and security.

5 Campaign segmentation

With SMS, you can create segmented campaigns, aimed at particular groups. This can be done thanks to your database, where all information about your customers is stored. For example, promotions for specific products can be sent for men or women. The segmentation can be based on gender, age groups, seniority of clients, etc.

The best strategies for dropshipping stores with SMS marketing 

SMS are a great ally for dropshipping stores. With LabsMobile, you will have all the features and tools to carry out campaigns and meet the objectives you have in mind.

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