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The best platforms that offer SMS services

Marketing strategies are a fundamental element in everyday life of companies. To reach new audiences, to have more clients, launch product campaigns and other functions, companies have to use marketing services. One of the main ways to reach their goals is by using text messages or SMS

Technology and digital marketing has established a new objective: reaching people’s mobile phones. This is when SMS comes in handy. These messages include not only text but multimedia with personalized themes, pictures, videos, and a clear intention. Many times, they have an internal link that is known as SMS landings.

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Publication: 06.22.2020
Última modificación: 08.19.2022
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The best platforms that offer SMS services.

As marketing via SMS is growing all the time, more and more platforms that sell this service are appearing in the market, namely:

1 LabsMobile

This is one of the most well-known and trusted sites in the market. It gives you all the tools you need to carry out a marketing campaign. Its quality service is characterized by simplicity and ease of use, so clients don’t have to make an effort to use the platform. 

With LabsMobile, you’ll have a long list of pre-designed templates ready to use that were created by specialists. These are attractive and compatible with every type of device. Besides, it has an editor, so you’ll be able to edit or even create your own template. By using a control panel, you’ll be able to follow all the information about the users that receive the SMS. 

SMS Landing are LabsMobile's strongest point. they allow for the creation of SMS with external links that go to a website, for example, generating dynamic QR codes.

The page has different message packs depending on the reach you want to have. In general, each message costs 0.04€.

2 Altiria

This platform allows you to manage marketing campaigns with SMS. Some examples are:

  • Sending coupons
  • Sending polls
  • Sending Excel ads
  • Using SMS Landings

It has an editor to use templates and you’ll also have access to the campaign’s stats. According to the needs and objectives of the client, you can set a budget. There is also a support team available to solve any issues that may arise.

3 Mensalgia

Another platform that offers SMS Landings for marketing campaigns. Its main features include: 

  • Templates that can be edited
  • An easy-to-use editor for new template creation. 
  • Call to action buttons
  • A live dashboard with all the stats

However, the quality and quantity of the templates they offer is inferior with respect to the competition. About pricing, it’s necessary to ask for a quote considering the type of campaign you want to carry out. 

4 Digitaleo

In this platform, you can use SMS for different functions, like: 

  • Personalized SMS
  • Alerts and appointments
  • Marketing campaigns with SMS
  • SMS Landings

It doesn’t have templates and you cannot design your own, either. It’s focused on the message rather than the background. The platform allows you to import the contacts and analyze stats in real time. You’ll also need to ask for a quote to know their prices. 

5 Mensatek

This platform is great because of the different options included for mass SMS. For example: 

  • Receiver personalization
  • Attached documents
  • Images and videos
  • SMS Landings
  • Polls 
  • QR codes

Yet, it doesn’t have any templates. The service offers different SMS packs that include varied quantities. 

6 Trendoo

This page offers its mass SMS service by following a series of steps: 

  • Import contacts
  • Write the message and insert it in personalized templates
  • Plan the sending of SMS instantly or in specific moments of the future
  • Check that messages were delivered and analyze data

The pricing is divided into packs, each one of them with different messages available. For example, the smallest pack has 500 SMS and costs 39€.

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