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The benefits of using SMS marketing

Some of the benefits of SMS Marketing are greater brand recognition and competitive positioning.

Many companies have understood that there is nothing like direct contact with clients to increase business volume, sales, operations…and to get the most from their business. With the revolutionary ‘era of the smartphone’, everything seems to be dependent on apps, but SMS marketing campaigns haven’t just survived the mobile age, but have taken off as the chosen tool for companies to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty within their target market.

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Publication: 02.20.2017
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

Even today, with the incredible hyperconnectivity of mobile phones, a tool found on the very first pay-as-you-go mobile phones is still helping brands and companies to move forward.

The benefits of using SMS marketing

SMS marketing opens the door to a multitude of opportunities for business growth. If it’s used correctly, this mobile communication technique can encourage a large number of clients to buy products in both physical and virtual shops. It also encourages customer actions to become if not permanent, repetitive, creating loyal customers and repeat buyers.

Below we’ve listed just some of the impressive benefits that come with using an SMS marketing campaign.

Customer relationship management

With an SMS campaign you can send personalized messages – the dream of every marketing planner. This type of message significantly increases conversion rates, increasing the number of clicks on the offer included in the message. It also helps with brand recognition, as every recipient goes from being a name on a list, to being part of a database of subscribers, to individuals with likes and preferences which are reflected in the offers they receive.

SMS marketing is made up of campaigns adapted to each individual, not bulk mailouts that don’t differentiate between customers and their basic data such as gender, age…or even preferred language of communication.

Brand recognition

When a company is regularly managing their client database, they often discover that a significant proportion are loyal customers that have a special devotion to the brand or company. Through personalized SMS marketing campaigns, you can develop a fundamental strategy for increasing customer loyalty: brand recognition.

This can be achieved with an unambiguous association and positioning of the product or service with the brand or company. The client must feel emotionally attached, meaning that although they might have other products or services at their fingertips, they will always end up choosing yours out of pure customer loyalty. SMS marketing is a unique tool to help customers develop this relationship with a brand or company.

Position in the market in the face of competition

When a company looks and around and sees a landscape full of competitors that offer products similar to them, that try to capture leads like theirs, or even capture their own loyal customers, alarm bells start ringing. There are moments when market evolution forces companies to evolve, to remind their clients that they are still in business.

SMS campaigns aren’t just a way of conserving clients, but also a resource for capturing new customers. You just have to know how to combine the right strategies to attract an avid buyer of new products and offers. As with everything, the first time is the hardest. Once a potential customer has become a paying customer, you just have to keep them, make them loyal to your brand and increase your client database. This will allow you to take on the competition with the best weapon a company can have: its customers. If they are loyal and repeat customers to your business, it’s time to move on to the next step: expanding the business. The statistics don’t lie.     

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