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An SMS API is an interface that allows you to send short messages using a gateway. These tools, often, are used for web apps to send and receive SMS easily using written codes for standard web frameworks.

As you well know, the service of sending short text messages is a very popular method to exchange information through mobile phones. When compared with other ways of business communication (like email or cold calling), SMS has a lot of advantages. Among them, we can highlight the profitability, discretion, speed, and high open rates.

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Publication: 07.14.2020
Última modificación: 10.13.2022

How does the sending SMS platforms work

Using a platform for sending SMS can boost your business, as we offer a more professional service and give clients a better experience. These are some examples of how you can use professional SMS: 

    • Automatized appointment reminders.
    • Purchase and shipping notifications.
    • Alerts
    • Promotions
    • SMS payments. 

From a business point of view, we can claim that APIs work like a handshake between two people, as you create a link between them to transmit information. A set of code for the interface of programming apps, besides, have certain criteria from other systems where it operates (together with authentication keys) and turns them into a legible, useful format.

Software SMS LabsMobile. The best platform to send professional SMS and payments.

These integration platforms are the ones that provide you with SMS APIs, which usually include a troubleshooting guide for developers. On the other hand, their CRM programs and other systems can extract information from the company’s platform and send messages. In this sense, this is a digital marketing tool very powerful for your business if you use it appropriately. 

For example, if you have ever linked your Facebook or Twitter profiles to a website, you have used an API. Don’t forget that these are executed in the background without you knowing what is going on. 

As you can include the names of the clients, this technology also allows you to personalize your SMS, bidirectional communication, and allowing the OTPs at once. This feature is very useful, especially during these times of the pandemic, as you will be able to ask people to pay their debts through text messages.

For example, it allows you to send a personalized SMS to your debtors, asking them to pay directly in the corresponding platforms. Besides, you can personalize the message and show the client how much they owe you.

Once you have understood how it works and the advantages of the SMS APIs, you will need to decide on which Internet protocol to use. The most popular ones are HTTP and REST. The first one is useful for any type of website and is standard for most systems (eCommerce, WordPress blogs, or CRMs).

SMS software

Flexibility and scalability for any specialized system

The second protocol, REST, is a bit more complex than the previous one, as it gives you more flexibility and scalability for any specialized system. 

Remember that each mobile phone can send and receive SMS messages. This is one of the most efficient and powerful gadgets when considering an eCommerce personalized strategy.

In conclusion, no matter how your business operates, you can use SMS software as a marketing tool, and also as a notifying service (in the case, for example, of asking for debt payment). Personalizing these APIs helps you not to chase clients for payments so they will know exactly how much they owe you. 

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