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SMS vs. Whatsapp SMS, the most secure communication system for companies

Companies have increasingly more alternatives to communicate with their customers, send promotions, trace shipments, send event invitations or confirm transactions. But SMS messages are so safe that they outperform any type of communication system.

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Publication: 04.15.2019
Última modificación: 10.13.2022

SMS vs. Whatsapp: why SMS is the best option?

Currently, companies have a multitude of options to get their message across to their customers through mobile devices (applications, specific software, etc.) and through platforms used to send messages to mobile phones via Internet.

When choosing the means of mobile communication that our company will use, we must not only know what is the best way to send our message to all our users, but also how to obtain necessary protection for the data we are sharing.

SMS is a secure system that helps protect your customers' and employees' data and allows you to contact all users who have a mobile phone. Additionally, when comparing SMS vs. Whatsapp, the former has the great advantage of being an established, professional mobile communication system. In contrast, WhatsApp forbids its commercial use.

SMS vs. Whatsapp SMS 

SMS vs. Whatsapp SMS, the most secure communication system for companies

Why choose safe SMS messages?

We are going to give you the most important reasons to opt for this system.

1 SMS works without WiFi and on any device

All mobile phones have the ability to send and receive SMS, regardless of their age and their operating system (if they do have one). However, not all can support mobile applications.

It is very strange to find an application that does not need to connect to the Internet when it is used. Applications like Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook need a good network connection to send and receive messages. But not SMS.

2 Secure messages

SMS are frecuently used, not just to transmit deals or marketing messages, but to verify banking transactions. Even WhatsApp uses it to authenticate its users' identity.

Whether you need to send secure messages to your customers or employees to authenticate their identity or confirm shipments, this communication system is the safest you can use.

The SMS API is capable of supporting large amounts of data and uses connections protected with certificates to encrypt the communication between the sending platform and our client.

3 Reliability and total availability

Since SMS is a communication system that does not depend on an Internet connection, we can be certain that the messages will reach their destination. They are always available to be sent.

4 Messages to mobile phones via Internet, the best choice

In short, SMS messages are safe, always available, can reach any device and you have the possibility to send messages to mobile phones via Internet, facilitating their management and subsequent analysis.

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