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SMS via email. SMS messages to send via email

Sending SMS via email is possible. If at any point you have asked yourself how you can make certain processes in your company quicker and better, especially when it comes to communicating with your clients, SMS via email are a good way to optimize your time and resources. Next, we will explain some details. 

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Publication: 06.17.2020
Última modificación: 06.16.2022
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What is sending SMS via email?

Sending SMS (of any type) via email has been a reality since some years ago. More and more organizations use these channels today as they save them time and improve their brand image when it comes to their products, services or communications. The company, then, has a better image while making sure that their communications reach 100% performance. On top of this, using emails makes personalization of communications even better.

Besides, SMS allows us to send any message from anywhere: from the office, our home or even if we are on a trip (at the beach, abroad, from public transport)... it doesn’t matter where you are. This is a very comfortable system, intuitive and cheap. You will only need an Internet connection and a device (tablet, computer, and even your mobile) to start sending messages. You can do this from any platform or operating system. 

Sending these messages can also be individualized, adapted to every type of process. This is flexible and quick, especially during emergencies, when businesses have to carry out communications related to the services they offer (interruptions, failures, broken processes or issues, etc). And not only to clients, but to any person (even employees!) with just introducing the phone number.

SMS messages by mail, the best way to streamline certain processes

You surely know the advantages of going for this type of personalized sendings. With the speeding up of certain processes, it is key to choose these messages. Through the email, you’ll be able to communicate with clients by sending a message to a mobile phone as if it was a common email. It doesn’t matter, either, the type of platform that you use because it integrates like common software. You only need to know how to send an email!

The answers will be directly sent to your inbox, so you’ll know if the SMS has reached the client, increasing feedback between both parts. 

In terms of usages, you have many: you can send birthday messages, let people know about issues, send appointment reminders, send ad campaigns, informative messages, etc. In any case, also, you can eliminate the signature when you send the SMS via email (entering the account you can do so).  

SMS via email. SMS messages to send via email

In any situation, you should make a distinction between the type of client you are talking to: if he’s a trusted receiver, you need to consider the message you’re sending, thinking that communication is close and you’re informing them of something that this person probably already knows. If it’s an objective client or a potential one, the message will be different. So, you’ll need to pay attention to the body, the title of the message and the link you include to a webpage.

SMS via email is the best way to connect with your clients or even employees. This type of SMS to send has become in organizations’ all-time-favorite, as the opening rate of the messages are superior to that of other ways of communication. 

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