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SMS via API. Mobile messages using the internet

Digital marketing is one of the most important tools a company should manage to improve its performance and achieve success. One of the most effective methods are SMS campaigns via an API. These are specialized platforms to send mobile messages via the internet in a massive way.

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Publication: 09.29.2020
Última modificación: 10.13.2022
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Platforms are designed to provide clients with all the necessary comforts for the functioning of an SMS campaign. The process can be used by companies of different fields and obtaining many benefits.

How does an SMS campaign via API work?

An API is a platform that can be integrated or installed with other software to carry out a specific function. In this case, it’s sending SMS massively. The API can be combined with the companies’ CRM, a proprietary software, a webpage or even a Wordpress blog.

LabsMobile SMS API can be programmed using different types of code. Some examples include PHP, Java, Ruby, C#, among others. Once installed, you can start sending mass messages instantly or schedule them for the future using completely safe parameters.

Besides, there is also a control panel from where you can observe the info about sent SMS in detail. It's also great to understand the campaign’s reach, to improve it for the future, to filter the database, and more. For example, it’s possible to analyze the number of messages sent, how many reached the receivers successfully, how many ailed, how many people clicked on the external links, etc.

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Who can take advantage of sending messages to mobile phones via the Internet?

Digital marketing can be used by companies in multiple fields, as they can have a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • In the first place, businesses in the ecommerce field can use this method. Using SMS, they can make their products well-known, offer discounts, verify home delivery or send promotions on special dates.
  • Health centers and pharmacies can use text messages to notify people about medication arrival, confirming appointments, changing dates, telling people about medical absences, etc.
  • Airlines use SMS campaigns to sell tickets with discounts, to send important documents, to ask for details about flights, or to confirm a ticket booking.

SMS are a great way to obtain feedback with users, the same with sending polls about different topics. One of the main advantages of text messages is its velocity and high open rate. Also, it’s easy to segment these campaigns into different groups.


SMS via API. Mobile messages using the internet

SMS campaigns via APIare one of the most important tools companies have to improve their performance, no matter the specific field they work with. Digital marketing, then, it’s crucial toda. Using platforms like LabsMobile you can send messages to mobile phones via the internet easily and quickly.

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