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Why is saying ‘Happy Birthday’ via SMS beneficial in an SMS marketing campaign?

Being congratulated on your birthday makes people feel good. Mostly it’s family, friends or colleagues that want to wish you well, by telephone, email, WhatsApp or in person.

Yet when incorporated into an SMS marketing strategy, congratulating a client on their birthday serves to increase customer loyalty for the company or brand.

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Publication: 11.10.2016
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

In principle, saying ‘Happy Birthday’ is no more than a gesture of courtesy which, coming from a brand or company, encourages a formerly casual client to become more loyal.

It doesn’t just get customers, its effects amplify over time. The main aim of mobile marketing - fostering customer loyalty - can certainly be achieved using this strategy in an SMS campaign. To establish a good loyalty program is essential.

This type of SMS message can be monetized when a brand or company takes advantage of the opportunity to congratulate the recipient by encouraging them to go to a point of sale, and sending them a discount as part of a personalized campaign.

The message could also include an invitation to, just like the point of sale, collect a personal present. In both cases, the recipient of the SMS will value even the smallest gesture as personalized customer care. Customer loyalty is therefore increased.

Bearing in mind this is an SMS which can be sent every year to each customer or client, utilizing an SMS platform for businesses allows you to see benefits immediately.

Why is saying ‘Happy Birthday’ via SMS beneficial in an SMS marketing campaign?

SMS platforms don’t just offer a lower price and indisputable efficiency, but the service is automatized and it also helps you to use your database more efficiently, providing users have entered their date of birth correctly.

Utilizing an SMS platform to send birthday congratulations is very useful for non-seasonal promotional campaigns, since you can highly personalize messages. You can also introduce dynamic tagging to include the name of the recipient, encouraging the recipient to feel like they have been sent a unique, personalized message, directly delivered to them (complete with name and surname). You can also add additional dynamic content, which, when put in the right place inside the message, increase the feeling of personalization even more: age, place of residence etc.

Moreover, if the message is programed right, you could send the message a few days earlier so the client or user can go to a point of sale on the same day as their birthday to collect a present or take advantage of a promotion especially designed for them. You could even send a personalized, branded gift straight to the home of the user or client on their birthday.  

Many people don’t know that, when they fill out a form to access certain services or buy a product, they can be agreeing to hand over their personal data to the company in question. The difference between customer displeasure and satisfaction is in how you use the data they provide. It’s important to comply with the required opt-in system, where the user can agree to receiving SMS and confirm that they are aware of the data protection legislation.

As the element of surprise has a lot of effect on this type of SMS campaign, to be congratulated on your birthday is a great way to immediately earn points with customers or clients. You don’t need to roll out the old clichés or be stickler for grammar, you just have to be concise and offer the client what they want: satisfaction and advantages.

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