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SMS module for Prestashop

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Publication: 03.10.2016
Última modificación: 02.11.2019


Prestashop is one of the online store platforms that has grown the most over the last few years.

With more than 250,000 shops and available in 60 languages, Prestashop has become one of the best options for small and medium sized businesses. 

It has a lot of advantages, for example open source software, ease of learning, support and online help from other users, and a huge number of free and affordable modules etc. 

At LabsMobile we have developed a module for Prestashop, owing to its importance in the eCommerce market. The SMS module is free and developed by Prestashop v1.6. You just have to download and install the module and create an account with

SMS module for Prestashop.

The module has the following functions: 

  • SMS notification to customers when their order status changes to "SENT". This message can be modified with information or tracking from the transport company, so that customers are able to track their order. We also recommend that you add a message thanking the customer for their purchase and/or an incitement to make another purchase, such as a discount code.

  • SMS communication to the managers of online stores when a new order is made. This message will keep eCommerce managers always informed and alert them of possible misuse or fraudulent purchases.

You can find the SMS module by LabsMobile for Prestashop at our page for plugins and extensions for Prestashop. Here you can download the module and find the instructions for installation and configuration. Get in contact with us and we'll provide you with any support you might need setting up this module.  

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