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SMS message examples for NGOs

We’re going to explore some examples of SMS messages that will encourage the public to dig deep into their pockets and donate to a charity or cause. We will be principally looking at the advantages of using a direct method of communication, such as a phone, to get your message across.

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Publication: 05.13.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022

Why are charity SMS messages so effective as a marketing tool?

The principal reason is because SMS messages are delivered straight to the neurological centre of the person who might donate, that is, their mobile phone. Other methods of digital marketing are nowhere near as immediate or persuasive as SMS marketing.

SMS also establishes a multidirectional channel that allows the recipient to collaborate instantly without having to enter in any payment methods. Donating becomes easy and fast, and can be done by even the laziest of users.

Aside from its integral role in commercial bulk SMS campaigns to customers, SMS can be combined with other resources as part of a multi-channel campaign, whether that be marketing on social media or search engine pay-per-action. The idea is that the marketing strategy should reach the user at the right moment and with the right method. A YouTube awareness campaign could be followed up with an SMS campaign intending to encourage the recipient to ‘convert’ – donating to the cause.

In addition, SMS marketing campaigns can include elements of cross selling - a person could also receive a discount on a particular product.

Examples of charity messages that will encourage the public to donate

Below are some examples of messages that you can use to get your first campaign off the ground:

  1. Help those that need it most. Reply with the word HELP to this message to donate $1 to save lives.
  2. Don’t like the world we live in? Hasn’t the time has come to do something about it? Donate now.
  3. Every 15 minutes a child dies from malnutrition. Help us to stop this. Respond SAVE to this message.

Each of the examples above is a slightly different way of approaching the user. The first is the typical plea, compassionate and light in approach, that works well with people over 40 years old.

SMS message examples for NGOs

Option two puts the responsibility in the hands of the message recipient, weighing on their conscience. The third example uses an informative tone to puts a well-known fact at the forefront of the message to create a strong impact on the audience.

Finally, we hope that the examples of the messages that we’ve presented to you stimulate your creativity and allow you to create many more persuasive messages. In the end, it’s about crafting an effective message.  

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