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SMS meeting and appointment setting

For people that work in the SMS business, the fact that people spend a lot of time immersed in their phones is actually a good opportunity for business, as well a useful tool for the functioning of any business. How? Thanks to the possibilities for setting up meetings or appointments through SMS.

SMS are used by many organizations to publish content or keep current customers interested.

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Publication: 05.16.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022

SMS can help with appointment-setting in a multitude of different ways. Imagine that you have an appointment with your GP, an important work meeting, an anniversary or perhaps you simply need a reminder to help you with a task or event, such as taking medication or picking something up when it’s ready.

All of this can be done via text messages, via visits or previous appointmentswith SMS. Users have the information quickly and at their fingertips, without loosing the formality that other instant messaging services such as WhatsApp fall behind on, and without having to use less-read methods such as email – few people have notifications turned on when they receive a new email in their inbox.

Using SMS appointments 

We can understand how companies use this tool for commercial purposes, but there are also some organizations that need a common channel when it comes to reaching users. For example, higher education institutions are constantly sending promotions and alerts to future students in the months leading up to enrolment.

Sending these types of messages through WhatsApp would be fairly invasive and personal. SMS maintains a certain distance while the student still receives a message straight to their phone.

Message code

When communicating, it is better to use a friendly and formal tone. Ensure you don’t use language that sounds too robotic and that you send the message instantly (depending on the type of company and customer it’s aimed at). Addressing the customer by their first name is an easy way of making sure the message sounds more personal.

Secondly, messages can contain direct language that encourages the recipient to click on a link to find out more if they are interested in the offer. A hyperlink will take the recipient directly to your website. This is integral if you want to advertise a particular product or offer, as it carries the customer straight to the key information and saves them from having to read potentially boring, unnecessary jargon.

SMS meeting and appointment setting

Thanks to their instant delivery and direct method of communication, using SMS for setting meetings or appointments have become a very important tool for both companies and individuals.

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