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SMS marketing, the most effective strategy for the education sector and mobile Apps

Customized SMS becomes one of the most effective solutions to improve communication in the education sector and mobile Apps

In an increasingly interconnected environment, the main challenge for companies and organizations has been to improve their information channels and efficiency in communication processes with their customers or users. To achieve this, there are multiple marketing and communication strategies that can be applied, but which one is the most appropriate?

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Publication: 04.26.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022

The mobile first has become one of the main communication strategies with the increased use of this device. Therefore, SMS and chat applications have gained ground and have become the perfect way to improve communication. In this case we will focus on the particularly relevant use in the education sector and mobile Apps.

SMS can help improving the management of educational centres, as shown by the case of success Qids, a company that provides solutions and tools to educational centres in different areas.

Supervised chats facilitate communication between students in a safe environment.

SMS can greatly improve the communication and management of schools, but how?

SMS marketing, the most effective strategy for the education sector and mobile Apps

In the communication era, the relationship between parents and teachers, between teachers and students and between students has changed and has become more demanding than ever. In this regard, Qids offers a communication service where groups of chats are supervised, and in which it manages both the chat as well as the photos, videos, the important information highlighted and the calendar, to improve communication between them and encourage the generation of a safe environment.

In the same way, these educational centres can greatly improve their management by facilitating communication with the parents of the students. SMS help communicating priority messages that improve controlling absences and alerting the users of relevant events, among others. SMS messages are also being used to send reminders of payments or signatures to a whole group of users at the lowest cost possible, compared to the traditional paper circulars that produced a huge environmental impact.

Only 20% of payments in schools are made during the established time period

Qids is very useful to streamline the processes of payment requests or signatures via SMS, as these messages contain a link to web landings where you can make payments through your credit card and sign authorisations or any other type of official document, unlike the current situation, in which only 20% of the payments in the educational centres are made in the established time period.

On the other hand, as a result of the usage of SMS for the application of signatures in the educational field, nearly 90% of families have signed the documents within the established date. This technology is key for making day-to-day payments with a credit card, such as course registration, books or other necessary material, extracurricular activities, uniforms or fees for parent associations, among other things.

Thanks to SMS text messages, these payments are made immediately, reducing many commissions such as defaults and the return of charges.

Qids: strategy for the education sector and mobile Apps

The statistical average of sending text messages to make payments from Qids is an average of two SMS per person. Some of the recipients made the payment after receiving the first message, while others did not receiving the fourth message. However, with Qids, 90% of parents have paid within the established time period, which has originated in some cases a 600% improvement for schools.

Although in the last five years educational centres have implemented the usage of WhatsApp to communicate with families through groups, given their gratuity and instantaneity, this practice is very sensitive, since it violates the General Data Protection Regulation at publicly share the phones of group members. Therefore, text messaging and supervised groups is the most effective and safe solution to improve communication in companies in the education sector or mobile apps, as shown by the success story of Qids.

LabsMobile: SMS platform for professional solutions

Qids, the SMS messaging platform of LabsMobile, is the one capable of processing any SMS communication. In addition, LabsMobile professionals have advised Qids on all solutions and processes that include SMS messages. This has made it possible to communicate better by dramatically increasing notification, collection and efficiency statistics.

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