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SMS marketing campaigns as a complement to the email strategy

For a business or company to have success in their objectives, it is essential that they have a marketing campaign. This serves to be known by potential clients, strengthen the relationship with regular clients and expand the sales possibilities. One of the most used advertising campaigns is via email. It is called marketing. However, currently, a great way to improve the results to a greater extent is to complement it with the SMS technique, or text messages. 

Today, it is virtually impossible that a person doesn’t have a cellphone. These devices have become a fundamental tool in their daily lives. Thus, using text messages as a marketing campaign is highly fruitful. What is more, it is not about regular text messages but interactive and personalized ones, either with pictures or videos, etc.

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Publication: 02.20.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022

What are the advantages of marketing via SMS?

The complementation of a marketing strategy via SMS involves a series of advantages that can be very useful. The most outstanding ones are:

  • They are instant: when a person receives an SMS, it is very probable that he reads it instantly, in just a few seconds. This enables giving support to the email strategy which takes more time to be seen. 
  • Its high delivery rate: different from what can happen with emails, SMS cannot enter a SPAM folder. For that reason, its delivery is ensured in 95% of the cases.
  • The speed: they are easy to program and they adapt to different formats rapidly. They are already designed for its easy adaptability to phones. 
  • The portability to phone numbers: it isn’t necessary to work a lot to obtain a database of mobile phone numbers. It is very important to have that database of numbers, not only of potential clients but also for the campaign to reach more people. 
  • They are easy to memorize: SMS is rarely long so that it is likely that the person does not forget what he read in the message. 

SMS Marketing campaigns as a complement to the email strategy 

There are also statistics that guarantee text messages use. In the communications era, people got interested in the brands they liked. More than 80% of the users reacted favorably to the text messages of their favorite brands. Besides, before carrying out a purchase, almost 60% of the clients resort to additional information through their cell phones.

How to use SMS for a marketing campaign?

There are two main ways of using SMS text messages. One is the campaign itself to generate sales and to reach a new public. The other option is to send notifications and information which is more oriented towards regular users. 

To generate a sales campaign, SMS is used precisely, with identified and divided groups, each with a particular message. For example, for men between 20-25 years of age and for women of 20-25. It is sought to reach all kinds of public massively and generally, discounts or bonuses are used.

On the other hand, SMS of notifications serve to notify regular users about different types of events, updates, reminders, state of the delivered product, etc. Besides, they strengthen the relationship, for example with a welcome message or a birthday greeting. You can start using the LabsMobile platform to generate your SMS messages and strengthen your marketing campaign through emails. 

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