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SMS Marketing and Politics. The advantages of using SMS in politics

There is a lot of talk on the use of SMS marketing by companies using high-quality marketing platforms such as LabsMobile, but in this article, we want to talk about something different: the use of SMS campaigns in politics.

Like everything in life, politics has evolved. In 2008, Obama had already utilized SMS as part of his political campaign for US presidency. He not only won that year, but was re-elected in 2012 partly thanks to SMS communication.

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Publication: 09.19.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

This was possible thanks to the large number of advantages of using SMS campaigns in political campaigns.

SMS Marketing and Politics. The advantages of using SMS in politics

1 Better reach

SMS messages arrive quickly and uninterrupted. An SMS message sent straight to a person from their political party generates feelings of trust and familiarity.

2 Differentiation

Although, as mentioned above, some politicians and political parties already use SMS, it is not a mass communication channel. SMS is therefore the ideal method for any party or politician that wants to differentiate itself from its rivals.  

3 Polls and surveys

Information is vital in evaluating the success of a political campaign or strategy.

Polls allow political parties to collect crucial information, such as groups of the population to which they need to redirect their efforts, for example, or to get a better understanding of citizens’ worries first hand.

Text messages allow recipients to reply to questions with just one click.

4 Changing voter patterns

Analyzing all the information collected through surveys and polls, political parties can present proposals that will appeal to voters, and perhaps even change how they vote.

5 Organizing supporters

Every political party counts on its database of supporters and sympathizers. Sending an SMS message is the easiest way of announcing a rally, or any other type of political action organized by the party.

In addition, using a channel of communication like SMS is a clear sign to supporters that the party is utilizing new technology.

6 Raising money

In 2012 Obama used SMS to help finance his campaign, with great success. Sending an SMS is an easy and direct way of connecting with a supporter and encouraging them to make a donation or contribution.

7 Environmental

In a society increasingly worried about the environment, the creation of SMS messaging campaigns is a way of connecting with nature. You can also save money on traditional publishing, which in itself is less effective.

LabsMobile has all the features necessary to create SMS campaigns that political parties can utilize to take advantage of all the benefits of using this channel of communication in the political sphere.

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