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SMS, key to efficient logistics in ecommerce

SMS messaging is not just a way for friends and family to stay in touch, but is also an effective method to maintain direct contact with customers, and a great tool to help you develop an effective logistics strategy for your ecommerce business.

The sale of products and services on the internet in Spain is worth around 25 billion euros annually. There is a high potential for growth as only a third of the population purchases products and services through the internet. Good management of logistics, and communication with customers, are fundamental to increasing sales and generating engagement.

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Publication: 03.01.2018
Última modificación: 06.27.2022

The advantages of SMS in ecommerce

Sending SMS messages to customers from an online store is one of the most effective marketing methods. 98% of text messages are opened in less than two hours from when they are sent, and 9 out of 10 are read within 3 minutes. This contrasts significantly with the classic email newsletter which has an open rate of 20%.

Ensure mobility – being in direct communication with your customers – via their mobile phones, which is used to purchase products and services in 90% of cases. It also allows you to concentrate on a specific market sector and offer highly personalized customer service.

At a time when innovative logistics services can deliver in just a few hours, speed, communication and trust are key factors to success. The customer must have the security of knowing where, when and how they will receive their purchase. By sending links to specific landing pages the customer should be able to modify these variables and adapt them to their needs.

SMS: Innovating Logistics

Customers demand increasing online services including delivery, return policies and price. SMS messaging can make your job easier, by improving communication with your customers.

Deliveries used to take 24-48 hours from the purchase of a product, now, products can be delivered within in hours. The fact that products are delivered to different pick-up zones, like delivery points or physical stores, makes communication in real time mandatory to the process.

SMS text messages offers a beginning-to-end communication service adapted to the customer: informing them of the status of their order, asking their opinion through surveys, and allowing them to modify information relevant to the delivery.

Implementing technological solutions such as LabsMobile Prestashop SMS Module guarantees the best marketing strategies in ecommerce through the use of SMS messaging.

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