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SMS integration with Zabbix application

Now you can send alerts and SMS notifications from the Zabbix monitoring application integrated with the LabsMobile platform.

What is the Zabbix application?

Zabbix is a free and open source software application used for monitoring Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. The importance of Zabbix can be measured by the number of installations and customers it has worldwide. 

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Publication: 07.26.2023
Última modificación: 08.16.2023
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Many organizations and companies use Zabbix to monitor and manage their IT systems and networks efficiently. Its user community is active and has a large number of developers who contribute to its continuous improvement.

Zabbix is mainly used to monitor and control the performance and availability of the different components of an IT infrastructure, such as servers, networks, devices, applications and services. It provides a wide range of functionalities, including data collection and analysis, report generation, configuration of alerts and notifications, and visualization of graphs and charts to facilitate the understanding of the monitored data.

One of the outstanding differences of Zabbix compared to other monitoring software is its comprehensive approach.

Zabbix is an all-in-one solution that combines network, server and application monitoring on a single platform. In addition, it offers a scalable and flexible architecture, allowing it to adapt to different environments and infrastructure sizes.

Some of the advantages of Zabbix include:

  • Scalability: Zabbix can manage large IT infrastructures with thousands of devices and collect a large amount of monitoring data.
  • Flexibility: It supports a wide variety of operating systems, applications, servers and system types. It can be used in both physical and virtual environments.
  • Customization: Zabbix allows you to configure custom alerts, define notification thresholds and tailor reports and dashboards to the specific needs of each organization.
  • Active community: Zabbix has an active user community that provides support, shares knowledge and contributes to the continuous development of the software.

Zabbix supports a wide range of systems, applications and servers. Examples include operating systems such as Linux, Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, and applications and services such as Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Docker, AWS, VMware, among others. In addition, Zabbix offers flexibility to monitor network devices, switches, routers, firewalls and other IT infrastructure components.

SMS Alerts from Zabbix

Zabbix allows you to send alerts and notifications through various channels, including sending SMS messages. This functionality is especially useful to ensure that administrators or relevant contacts are quickly informed in case of important events or problems in the IT infrastructure.

To enable sending SMS alerts in Zabbix, specific integrations developed by the community can be used. Some SMS integration options compatible with Zabbix can be found at this link

These integrations allow to establish the connection between Zabbix and SMS messaging services, such as SMS providers or messaging gateways. Through proper configuration, Zabbix can send alerts through these services, ensuring that designated recipients receive important notifications directly on their mobile devices via text messages.

It also offers the ability to configure multiple notification channels, which means that alerts can be sent simultaneously through different media, such as SMS, email, Slack, among others. This allows you to ensure greater visibility and reach recipients more effectively, as each person may have different preferences as to how they wish to receive notifications.

How to send SMS alerts from Zabbix with LabsMobile?

To send SMS alerts from Zabbix using LabsMobile, you need to follow these steps:

Prerequisites: Have an active LabsMobile account: To use LabsMobile services, you need to have an active account on their platform. You can register on the website, if you do not have an account yet.

How to perform the SMS integration with LabsMobile:

  1. Obtain LabsMobile credentials: To use the LabsMobile plugin, you will need to obtain the corresponding credentials. These credentials are provided by LabsMobile and are necessary for Zabbix to communicate with their platform. Log in to your LabsMobile account and look for the "API" or "Integration" section. There you will find the necessary credentials, such as API key and username.
  2. Set up SMS alerts in Zabbix: You will need to enter the LabsMobile credentials in the plugin settings within Zabbix. This will allow Zabbix to authenticate and communicate correctly with LabsMobile to send the SMS messages. In addition it is necessary to follow the instructions found on the LabsMobile website in the "Plugins and Extensions" section (
  3. Configure the actions and alerts: In the Zabbix configuration, make sure to define the corresponding actions and alerts that you want to receive by SMS. You can configure triggers and notifications to send SMS messages via LabsMobile when certain predefined conditions are met.

Use cases

Zabbix with the ability to send SMS alerts can be used in a variety of use cases where immediate notification via text messages is crucial. Some examples of using Zabbix with SMS sending are:

  • Critical server monitoring: Zabbix can be used to monitor critical servers in a data center. If a server downtime or major problem occurs, Zabbix can send an SMS alert to IT administrators, allowing them to take quick action and minimize downtime.
  • Service and application monitoring: Zabbix is able to monitor services and applications in an enterprise environment. For example, if a service is interrupted or an application experiences a failure, Zabbix can send an SMS alert to the development team or the responsible team to investigate and fix the problem.
  • Network infrastructure monitoring: Zabbix is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing an organization's network infrastructure. If connectivity issues, high traffic or network device outages are detected, Zabbix can send an SMS alert to network administrators so they can take immediate action.
  • Cloud service monitoring: With the increasing adoption of cloud services, it is important to monitor their performance and availability. Zabbix can integrate with cloud service platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, and send SMS alerts if problems occur with cloud resources, such as performance issues, cost spikes or security events.

  • IoT device monitoring: Zabbix can also be used to monitor IoT devices in different sectors, such as industrial or healthcare. If sensors or IoT devices detect anomalies or critical situations, Zabbix can send SMS alerts to the responsible parties, enabling immediate action and preventing potential problems or accidents.

In summary, the integration of Zabbix with LabsMobile's SMS platform is a quick and easy process, which only requires 10 minutes of configuration. Once the integration is complete, you will have the ability to parameterize the alerts and notifications you wish to receive by SMS, addressed to the managers or administrators of your infrastructure.

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