Published: May 04, 2023
Last update: Jun 08, 2023
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SMS integration with Freshdesk platform

Labsmobile ABRIL IntegracionSMSFreshdesk EN V1

We have a new integration in LabsMobile. Now you can send SMS messages through the LabsMobile platform and the Freshdesk plugin. 

Freshdesk is a help desk software. It is responsible for optimizing the time of technical support teams in companies. It is a highly recommended tool for after sales service.

You can visit their website to see all the functionalities.

How does it work?

Configure your user to communicate the events you need to a script and then you can send SMS notifications from Freshdesk.

To make the integration you need to have a Freshdesk user, a LabsMobile user account and a script that receives Freshdesk events (Webhook) and communicates with the LabsMobile API.

Steps to be able to use Freshdesk Installation

To do the installation you need to follow 7 steps:

  1. Create or have a script that receives events (Webhook) from Freshdesk and connects to the LabsMobile SMS API.
  2. Create a new automation rule
  3. Configure the new rule
  4. Add the webhook action using the POST method and entering the URL where the script has been published
  5. Generate an API token in the Security & Passwords section of your LabsMobile account
  6. Enable link shortening in the Preferences section of your account
  7. Test the SMS integration with Freshdesk

If you want to see the complete process with more details or you want to download the example script in PHP access the LabsMobile SMS plugin for Freshdesk.

Use cases

What can Freshdesk be used for? There are several use cases for sending SMS. Here are the most important ones:

  • Notification of ticket status changes via SMS
  • SMS reminders in case the customer has to answer or provide documentation
  • Sending a satisfaction survey in an SMS with a link to a form
  • Short answers to a ticket directly in the body of the SMS message
  • Notification of ticket created by support agents

Success stories: SMS ticket status notification

At LabsMobile we use Freshdesk and what a better channel to immediately communicate the status of support tickets than SMS messages.

Through a script very similar to the one we have published, notifications are automatically sent via SMS when a ticket status changes. You can download it and see how to install it in the SMS plugin for Freshdesk section.

This way our customers receive immediately when a ticket has been answered or resolved. And they can see the details of the ticket (history, answers, etc.) in a link from the SMS itself. Customers can visualize almost in real time the answers and receive the best support.

With this integration and thanks to the SMS channel, ticket resolution time has decreased by 27% and user satisfaction has increased.

This is an example of a message sent:

We have replied to your support ticket #88727 with status RESOLVED.
Check your ticket here

At LabsMobile we work every day to make it easier and more effective to use the SMS channel and our platform. Please contact our support team if you have any doubt or question about how to integrate with our SMS API or how to integrate the SMS channel with Freshdesk support software from our SMS platform.