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SMS in times of crisis. Why use SMS?

The pandemic affected the whole world during this year and brought about a number of problems. Amidst the crisis, society was affected in every way. As people cannot get in touch directly, companies have to look for new ways to communicate with their clients. 

Thanks to technology, there are many channels of communication with users in these times of crisis. One of the most effective methods is SMS.  

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Publication: 11.20.2020
Última modificación: 04.20.2022

Why use SMS? And in times of the pandemic?

SMS are not the only digital medium to contact clients, but it’s the most effective one. When using text messages, you can obtain different advantages, such as: 

  • A superior delivery rate, over 98%. 
  • Quick open rate. Users read SMS in less than 2 minutes. 
  • Direct and secure channel. 
  • Clients don’t need an internet connection. 
  • It has massive reach.
  • They can include an external link with an open rate over 20%.
  • They are personalized, so you can establish a more personal relationship with the client. 

SMS vs other methods

When compared to SMS, other methods are usually inferior. For example, emails have a lesser delivery rate and you run the risk of ending up in the SPAM folder. Because of this, many times clients won’t even know about our email, or won’t open it because they don’t trust the sender. Plus, they will need an Internet connection to read them. 

Phone calls also lose against SMS. People don’t usually take calls from unknown callers and they ignore them. Or, in many cases, they take the call and immediately hang up. 

SMS in times of crisis 

Companies can use SMS to carry out different functions and achieve objectives. In particular, during these times of crisis when communication has changed radically. Some of these are: 

  • Provide information: you can communicate your clients the days your shop will be open or closed, times of opening, and more related data. 
  • Important notices: using an SMS, you can notify people of relevant info. For example, a pharmacy can let you know when the medicines are available. Also, when they are up for delivery. 
  • Asking or confirming appointments: during the new normal, people will have to ask for an appointment to carry out certain activities like eating out. With text messages, you can offer appointments or confirm attendance. 
  • Increasing sales in products or services. One of the most common objectives of marketing is to sell the company’s products.  Through SMS, you can increase commerce. Sometimes, they come with a discount or a special promo, or even an external link that provides clients with more information.  

LabsMobile, the best platform in the market

LabsMobile is the ideal platform for using SMS in times of crisis. It has all the necessary tools to send text messages massively and quickly, storing data, and offering an analysis center for every campaign. 

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