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SMS in data, why is it so effective?

SMS are part of our lives, specifically since 1992, and the forecast is that they will remain among us for a few more years. It seemed that emails and instant messaging were going to put an end to them, but they resisted, at least in the field of marketing. Let’s see SMS in data to prove it. 

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Publication: 10.17.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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Discovering the SMS and its reading rates

The first and most relevant aspect of carrying out campaigns using SMS is that it does not depend on a smartphone, an Internet connection or Wi-Fi. Every owner of a mobile phone has the ability to receive them, which increases their distribution compared to other media.

But what is really important is the reading rate, and this is where statistics may surprise you. 98% of the messages are opened in less than two minutes after reception. On the other side, only 20% of the emails are opened. SMS reading rates are almost perfect.

But what is really important is click conversions. Our service has adapted to the new times and allows links to be included in messages for the recipient to visit. These statistics are undoubtedly the most interesting. The click rate is 19% as compared with 4,2% for emails.

All these data support the use of these types of campaigns, either for sending promotions or coupons. There is the possibility of carrying out massive campaigns and they have a low and fixed cost. All this allows to give a long life to this type of communication.

Messages and data protection law

Due to the last modification that the data protection law has undergone, certain doubts about this type of campaigns can be generated. These are the most common: 

  • Spanish Agency for Data Protection: should know your database, as well as who will use it and security measures in place. 
  • Consent: it is currently essential to have the client’s consent to send advertising.
  • Keyword: you must include the word "publi" in your communications within the body of the text.
  • Opposition: you must provide the recipients the possibility to stop receiving publicity from your company. 
  • These are the key points in which the law has been modified, and by fulfilling them you will avoid greater problems.

Long live SMS

With all this information, you are sure that these types of messages are still a powerful marketing tool. Users are much more likely to pay attention to this type of communication than to emails or instant messaging. 

SMS statistics on data collect a high rate of return for this type of advertising, so do not stay out of this type of digital marketing. 

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