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SMS in Costa Rica: a powerful sales funnel for every type of business in Costa Rica

SMS in Costa Rica are a massive messaging service that has more and more value for companies every day. This is a powerful tool for an agile, efficient, and simple communication.  

This sales channel will allow you to send massive messages, notifications, links, or any type of information that your clients need in a few seconds. All this is possible through a cell phone or a website.  

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Publication: 06.15.2020
Última modificación: 06.16.2022
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Characteristics of this sales channel 

Among the most important characteristics of SMS are: 

  1. They give you the option of creating groups of clients, which will make it easier to send messages later.  
  2. It’s a high security service, as the access requires using a username and password only you know about. 

3.Managing clients and campaigns is efficient and fast. 

  1. This is a double-channel communication without issues for the operator. 
  2. You decide the day and time you want your messages to be sent. They can be programmed
  3. You can obtain graphic reports of all your campaigns in just seconds. 
  4. You’ll have the option of creating personalized messages for your clients. 
  5. Besides, you can have those reports at hand in the format you desire with the simple function of exporting data.

Advantages of SMS in Costa Rica

Next, we will comment on some of the benefits you can obtain if you wish to implement this sales channel for your business. Some of them include: 

  1. You can communicate effectively with all your clients in just seconds and with a minimum investment of capital.
  2. You’ll have direct contact with your clients making a minimum effort. 
  3. You’ll have support from the company at all times. 
  4. You won’t have to invest in equipment and connections to implement the tool in your business.  

In sum, you can grow your clients’ loyalty, make the most out of your time, save money and improve the image of your business. All of this will attract more and more clients. Just try it out and start enjoying these benefits!

SMS in Costa Rica: a powerful sales channel for every type of business in Costa Rica. 

In Costa Rica, many companies offer this type of service. Some of them are Tigo Business, SMS 506, SMS for Costa Rica, Claro, Kolbi, Movistar, Labs Mobile and many more. But LabsMobile offers a service from 14 colones, a very affordable price. Claro and Kolbi charge approximately $0.0617 USD for message, while Movistar charges 0.0640 USD. 

You should understand very well the service that best adapts to your needs and possibilities. The benefits you can achieve are enormous if you know how to use the tool and have the correct advice. 

Most of them have predefined SMS packages but you’ll also be able to personalize the service to your specific needs. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to obtain this excellent sales channel and take advantage of SMS in Costa Rica, an excellent way to grow together with your business.

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