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What is an SMS Gateway?

First, in all this article, we want to explain what an SMS gateway. An SMS Gateway is an interface that allows the sending of SMS messages without using a mobile phone. LabsMobile, then, is a gateway to this modality that enables sending messages from WebSMS or integrating an API to a company’s software or web.

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Publication: 02.27.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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What is an SMS Gateway?

SMS Gateway Functions and Uses

Some of the uses of an SMS Gateway platform are:

  • Communication with clients to inform about order states, sales or deliveries at all times.
  • Creation of brand recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Automation of a company and money and staff saving
  • Evaluation of service quality
  • Communications between the internal personnel and a company

SMS Gateway functions

With the help of a gateway like LabsMobile, it is possible to automate sendings and, in this way, solve the problem of clients’ requests manual follow-ups.

In addition, it has the possibility of receiving feedback through service surveys. This is a great opportunity to know your clients’ opinions and to optimize your job at low costs.

SMS Gateway types for massive SMS campaigns

As we have explained before, there are different gateway types and LabsMobile works with them:

  • WebSMS: this type of gateway consists of sending SMS messages to clients from a website. In LabsMobile WebSMS, you will find a lot of additional services like the SMS Landings editor, the statistics section or the sendings monitoring.
  • SMS Email: This type of platform allows sending SMS messages via email. API SMS. It is possible to send SMS messages through the integration of different software. In this case, the main advantage is that it can be connected through any protocol.

Manuals and sending processes

To proceed with the sending of SMS messages from LabsMobile, you only need to create a register account with an email and follow the steps. Here, we leave you with the integration of manuals and codes examples.

LabsMobile integrations are easy and free of charge, apart from having technical support during all the process of integration and during the sendings.

SMS Gateway security

LabsMobile also allows you to be a service reseller, in addition to ensuring maximum security and data protection. 

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