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SMS for events: the possibilities that SMS offers for the organization of trade fairs, exhibitions and events

SMS messagingoffers some very interesting possibilities when it comes to organizing trade fairs, exhibitions and events. In a sector that often involves contracting and coordinating large teams of temporary staff at short notice, it allows you to save considerable money and time on both producing and promoting the event.

Sending bulk messages makes planning easier in every sense. SMS can help you to advertise for staff, provide them with information on the responsibilities and conditions of the job, send out the roster and company guidelines to follow etc.

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Publication: 01.21.2019
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Using SMS messaging

Using SMS messaging also reduces expenditure, as you won’t need to make hundreds of phone calls to disseminate important information. Using SMS to organize events are going to become increasingly popular with event planners, who can send out direct and unambiguous messages to staff, suppliers and attendees.  

This tool reduces the risk of misunderstandings, which in the large events and trade fairs sector, can quickly lead to chaos.

SMS encourages the sending of messages that are short, practical and clear, and also arouses greater interest in users than a conventional message through any other messaging app, such as email. They are stored and remain on the phone, so if the team has any doubts they can consult the information immediately.  

SMS for events

Using SMS for your events allows you to take total control over the campaign you send out, permitting you to report failures instantly.

This service is ideal, for example, if you manage a concert venue. Imagine that you have organized a concert and you are hoping for full capacity.

SMS for events will allow you to maintain fluid communication with waiters, the PR team, security team, the performers, the suppliers… which will make managing key aspects such as shifts, changes in schedule, the dress code, the purchase of merchandise etc. a lot easier.

Open an account with LabsMobile to start sending bulk SMS messages, schedule calls, write text messages, or include URLs to complete important information.

All you need is a database of the telephone numbers of all your employees, and the phone numbers of the attendees that the event or exhibition trade fair is aimed at.

SMS for trade fairs

In terms of promotion, SMS for trade fairs and events allow you to send invitations to customers and clients to the event. Provide them with key information, send them reminders and other important notifications. Also confirm reservations or entrance tickets, offer discounts and other advantages, and generate a buzz around your event by reaching your target market directly and efficiently.

A very practical and valuable service that lightens the load of organization and communication.  

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