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SMS during de-confinement: 4 pieces of advice to increase recovery after the coronavirus crisis with SMS

"In this post, you’ll find some ideas to optimize the SMS and make them more effective."

On Monday May 11, a lot of communities will proceed to a new phase of de-confinement, meaning that many companies are opening their doors again. 

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Publication: 05.14.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022
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After 2 months of inactivity and a situation where clients need information more than ever, communication is essential to recover in an appropriate way. In this sense, SMS are a great way to everyone. In this post, you’ll find some ideas to optimize them and make them more effective.

Some SMS stats

SMS during de-confinement: 4 pieces of advice to increase recovery after the coronavirus crisis with SMS

With an open rate of 95%, SMS are the ideal way to reconnect with your clients. Besides, the open and reading rate is 3 minutes after receiving them, which doesn’t happen with emails. 

They also have a 69% memorization rate, meaning it has a lot more retention than other channels. 

Advice for efficient communication during de-confinement:

These are some of our pieces of advice for good communication during population de-confinement and re-opening of businesses. 

1 Inform your clients well

You missed your clients, and they missed you, too! So, it’s important to notify them about the re-opening. They should also be explained about the new schedules and safety and health measures. For example, the use of masks, proximity among clients and personnel, or other new rules. 

Also, make them want to come and discover your new products by showing them pictures of the new trends with an enriched SMS! Create offers with SMS or send SMS landings of the products. 

2 Ease them

In this context, it is crucial to ease your clients before they come back to the store. 

Make them know you have prepared everything to offer an easy buying experience while you respect the standard health parameters. Specify the health measures you have implemented, like giving them alcohol to sanitize their hands, installing glass in front of the cashiers, and using masks when entering the buildings.

3 Manage your clients

Optimize your time with an appointment manager. Most of the places will need an appointment to work, especially hairdressers, saloons, garages, etc. 

To make the most out of your schedule, you can start selling appointments via SMS. Plus, you can also send reminders to your clients and ask them about their current availability. You’ll never lose in any niche!

On the other hand, if you’re not selling services but have a physical store, you’ll be able to coordinate their pick-up. Once you’ve sold a product, it may happen that you have a lot of clients coming at the same time, which would make social distancing difficult. So, to start again with your business without any risks, SMS are an easy-to-use and practical tool to limit your visits. 

If you want to offer your clients to prepare their order in advance, let them know via SMS. This will enable you to regulate the number of people in the store in a better way.

4 Continue with the measures taken during containment

For many businesses, this quarantine has transformed into a period of inventions and offering new products or services with the aim of maintaining a certain activity. Many have started with digital marketing so they can offer virtual baskets, unique and exclusive products at home, etc. 

Notify your clients about the new products that have been successful to boost your online sales!

LabsMobile, the best SMS platform for de-confinement

Use the SMS potential to increase your recovery! LabsMobile will help you with reminders and will give additional information to your links. 

SMS are fantastic for simple interactions based on text with clients. The functions can be added directly to your software of appointment manager if you have one, by using the Internet and an email address. LabsMobile will support you every time.

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