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SMS Communications in times of Coronavirus

Communications in your company cannot be interrupted even during the present compulsory confinement and social distancing. Stopping the spread of coronavirus is essential, but keeping your business afloat and guaranteeing its survival is important, too. If you do not want to fall behind, you can use one of the most versatile tools at the moment: SMS messages.

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Publication: 04.14.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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Adapting to compulsory confinement

The current situation forces us, as companies, to use our wit and exhaust every channel and tools available to continue with our businesses. Teleworking has grown exponentially and home delivery is the only income to some business such as hospitality. When it comes to keeping up with the latest services and offering some sense of normalcy to your customers, using SMS can easily help you achieve your goals.

Everyone is on social media at the moment, but these platforms are not so effective since they are overcrowded with users and news about the virus. Potential customers won’t pay attention to your posts, as they will be looking at too many things at the same time or they will be overwhelmed with news about the current situation.

With SMS you can reach your clients in an effective way, without having to invest too much time or being as pushy and annoying as with phone calls. You can customize the messages, break them into chunks and send them automatically, among other options, so as to keep your clients informed or do marketing campaigns.

This virus is testing the resistance of every area of our economic system, so it is very important that we adapt to this situation as soon as possible. By doing this, we will keep our businesses afloat and, who knows, we may find new ways of fulfilling our clients’ needs.

The advantages of using SMS

Using SMS can bring about many benefits. First of all, they allow for massive messaging. You are probably already doing that through e-mails, but it is important that you adapt to our current situation. People are going to be as connected to their cell phones as ever not only to be informed but also to keep in touch with their loved ones. Besides, you don’t need an internet connection to send or receive an SMS.

SMS Communications in times of Coronavirus

Texting allows you to reach a larger group of people and get, for example, a good opening rate. This is an essential feature that differentiates SMS from e-mails that can be classified as spam and get lost. With SMS, communication is more effective and with larger possibilities of achieving your goal.

Another point to consider is how customized and complex messages can be. You can adapt them to a certain style, so you don’t have to invest time or effort on writing the perfect message. You can chunk the information as you want, add documents or pictures, and carry out a marketing campaign.

Adapt your company’s communication to compulsory confinement

Whether you want to let your clients track their purchase or just to keep in touch, SMS is the best tool to do that. What is more, you don’t need to invest too much money to use this tool, an asset in this complex moment for our economy.

To sum up, your company’s communication system needs to adapt to these exceptional times of coronavirus and quarantine. SMS messaging guarantees you will reach your clients in a direct fashion so as to keep them informed of the state of your business and their needs.

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