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SMS as a Lead Nurturing Tool

Lead nurturing is one of the most popular marketing techniques nowadays. It consists in accompanying the client throughout the complete buying process of a product in the most natural way possible and with two objectives in mind: that the customer completes the purchase and that they become recurrent buyers.

If you want to implement this marketing technique to increase your sales, SMS messages are the ideal tool. It’s a communication channel with an open rate of over 90%, surpassing even emails and phone calls.

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Publication: 02.28.2022
Última modificación: 06.13.2022
Categories: SMS Marketing

Several studies have shown that clients prefer communicating with companies using SMS. Besides, with a platform like LabsMobile, you’ll have all the things you need to send text messages massively and fast. Let’s see, then, how you can use SMS as a lead nurturing tool.

Uses of SMS in Lead Nurturing

The lead nurturing process seeks to catch the attention of potential clients, help them complete a purchase, and encourage them to buy again, achieving brand loyalty. SMS messages allow fulfilling all the goals in these steps.

  • In the first place, you can send promotions and deals to users. Catch their attention with discounts and coupons that have a time limit. In this way, they will have an urgency to complete the purchase.
  • You can also notify clients about new products and services that are launched to the market. It’s important to keep them posted about company news, especially when the news is about new options and selling opportunities.
  • Once they have selected their products, you can send an SMS confirming the purchase and, with the delivery address, if it was an online purchase. You can also try cross-selling, meaning offering a product that complements that one that has already been bought.
  • Regarding the home delivery service, you can send an SMS text on the day the products are supposed to arrive, as well as send a message that confirms the delivery. In this way, you’ll accompany the client throughout the whole process.
  • Finally, you can congratulate users for finishing their purchase, and invite them again to do business with your company. Another useful option is carrying out surveys to receive feedback about your strengths and things you should improve.
  • For regular clients, receiving invitations to company events is important. You’ll make them feel more important, give an added value, and foster loyalty to your brand.

SMS as a Lead Nurturing Tool

To implement an effective lead nurturing strategy, SMS messages provide two key resources: personalization and segmentation. Each message should be addressed specifically to the client and, if possible, based on their interests. For this, it’s key to have a database. With LabsMobile, you will be able to import your own database or build a new one, personalize all your SMS, and analyze the results according to your objectives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll give you all the counselling you need to start using SMS as an effective lead nurturing tool.

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