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Signing documents via SMS

In these days, when we’re living in confinement almost all over the planet, it is essential to adapt the company to new ways of working remotely. One of the needs of these businesses in high-demand is sending documents to employees, providers or clients. 

Signing documents via SMS is a very simple and quick way to provide them with clients in a legal way and to have them signed. 

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Publication: 04.08.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022

This way of digital communication is cheap and, above all, ecological. Many companies today will allow you to perform these functions. 

How SMS work when signing contracts.

The process of signing a contract or other documents via SMS is easy, these are the following steps:  

1 Choose an online contract-signing service of the many available in the market. 

2 Create an account in the Labsmobile platform with a register email account.

3 Send and SMS with a link: create SMS with your database including a link to the document they need to sign. 

4The client receives an SMS with a link to the document or contract he or she can sign.

5The client/ provider/ employee opens the link and completes the data required and signs.

These are the processes for this type of SMS with a link to a document to sign. 

Certified SMS

Certified SMS are messages with legal value. They give you a way of communication that’s very comfortable and above all, safe at a very low cost. 

One of the advantages of certified SMS is that it allows companies and people to have irrefutable proof of communication with others. 

This type of message also certifies the sending date and time when it was received by the receiver. Also, phone operators have a receipt return feature that signals the message has arrived. This is very similar to a certified letter or a fax.

Signing documents via SMS. Uncertified SMS

On the other hand, if you only need to send informative documentation or notifications, then uncertified SMS is enough. These allow up to 160 characters and there you need to include a link to the document. 

LabsMobile, your platform to send messages with documents

LabsMobile is the platform you are looking for to send this type of message with documents to be signed. And there are many platforms that allow for this signing: Docusign, Signeasy, Signaturit, Softysign, Yousign o SignNow. Some of these are the most used platforms around the world. 

Lastly, the service of signing contracts via SMS without the need of having an Internet connection, using networks like GSM, is worth the shot, as it adapts to the current needs of companies during quarantine and confinement because of Covid-19. 

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