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Shopify SMS Module for LabsMobile

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, effective communication with customers is key to success.

In this regard, the strategic use of SMS messaging can make the difference between a successful transaction and a lost opportunity. Aware of this need, LabsMobile offers an integrated SMS module specially designed for the Shopify platform, providing merchants with a powerful tool to enhance customer interaction and boost sales.

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Publication: 07.10.2024
Última modificación: 07.17.2024

What LabsMobile and SMS offer in your Shopify module

The LabsMobile SMS module for Shopify offers a range of features and benefits that allow merchants to make the most of this direct and personalized form of communication with their customers.

Among the main advantages are:

  1. Perfect Integration: With the LabsMobile SMS module, there is no need to leave the Shopify platform to manage your SMS campaigns. The integration is seamless, allowing you to send messages directly from your Shopify control panel.
  2. Ease of Use: The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the LabsMobile app on Shopify makes sending SMS messages simple and fast. Whether it's sending abandoned cart reminders or shipping notifications, everything is done with just a few clicks.
  3. Advanced Personalization: Each customer is unique, and the LabsMobile SMS module allows you to personalize your messages to suit the individual needs and preferences of your customers. You can create messages that truly resonate with your audience.
  4. Smart Automation: Save time and effort with smart automation of your notifications. Schedule messages to be sent at strategic times, such as customer anniversaries, special dates, or important events, and let the LabsMobile module do the rest.
  5. Tracking and Analytics: With the LabsMobile SMS module, you can not only send messages but also track the performance of your campaigns. Get detailed information on open rates, clicks, and conversions to continuously optimize your marketing strategies.

What is Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage their own online stores.

Since its launch in 2006, Shopify has become one of the most popular and successful e-commerce platforms in the world, used by millions of entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes in over 175 countries.

Here are some key features of Shopify:

  1. Ease of Use: Shopify stands out for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to create and manage their online store without needing prior technical experience. With a drag-and-drop editor, customizing design and setting up products is quick and easy.
  2. Diverse Templates: Shopify offers a wide variety of professionally designed templates (themes) that allow users to customize the look and functionality of their online store according to their needs and preferences.
  3. Security and Reliability: Shopify takes care of the security and technical maintenance of the stores hosted on its platform, meaning users can trust that their site will be protected against security threats and receive regular updates to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Product Management: The platform allows users to easily manage their inventory, add new products, set product variants (such as sizes or colors), and organize their products into categories and collections.
  5. Payment Processing: Shopify offers a variety of secure and reliable payment processing options, allowing merchants to accept credit card payments, PayPal, and other popular payment methods.
  6. Advanced Customization: In addition to pre-designed templates, Shopify allows users to further customize their store using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Liquid, providing a high degree of flexibility and control over design and functionality.
  7. Order Management: The platform facilitates order management, shipping tracking, returns management, and customer communication, all from a centralized control panel.
  8. Mobile Optimization: Stores created on Shopify are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and consistent shopping experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
  9. Apps and Integrations: Shopify has a wide range of apps and integrations that allow users to expand the functionalities of their store, from marketing and analytics to inventory management and customer service.
  10. Support and Resources: Shopify offers robust technical support and a wealth of educational resources, including guides, tutorials, and an active user community, to help merchants get the most out of the platform.

Why send SMS from Shopify

Sending SMS from Shopify offers a number of significant benefits that can improve customer experience, boost sales, and optimize online store management. Here are several important reasons to consider sending SMS from Shopify:

  • Direct and Personalized Communication: SMS offers a direct and personalized way to communicate with customers. By sending text messages, you can reach customers more quickly and effectively than with other communication channels.
  • High Open Rates: Text messages have much higher open rates compared to other communication media, such as email. This means your messages are more likely to be seen and read by your customers, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Instant Reminders and Notifications: SMS is ideal for sending reminders of events, appointments, or special promotions. By sending instant notifications via SMS, you can ensure your customers are informed and engaged in real-time.
  • Reducing Abandoned Carts: Sending follow-up SMS messages to customers who abandon their shopping carts can help recover those lost sales. By reminding customers about the products they left in their cart and offering incentives to complete the purchase, you can increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Automation and Scheduling: With the ability to automate and schedule SMS messages, you can save time and resources while maintaining constant communication with your customers. This allows you to send relevant messages at strategic times without the need for constant supervision.
  • Improving Customer Experience: Sending timely and relevant SMS messages can improve the overall customer experience. By keeping customers informed about the status of their orders, providing product updates, and offering exclusive promotions, you can foster loyalty and customer satisfaction.

In summary, sending SMS from Shopify is an effective strategy to improve communication with customers, increase sales, and strengthen the relationship with your audience. By leveraging the unique advantages of SMS, merchants can optimize their e-commerce operations and provide an exceptional experience to their customers.

How the LabsMobile SMS module for Shopify works

How the LabsMobile SMS Module for Shopify works:

  • Setup: Once the module is installed in the Shopify store, merchants must configure their LabsMobile account and link it to their online store.
  • Sending Messages: From the Shopify control panel, merchants can access the LabsMobile app and start sending SMS messages to their customers. They can draft personalized messages.
  • Tracking and Analysis: After sending messages, merchants can use the analytics tools provided by LabsMobile. They can view metrics such as open rates, link clicks, and conversions, allowing them to evaluate the effectiveness of their SMS marketing strategies and make adjustments as needed.

How to purchase and install the SMS module for Shopify

App Installation:

  • Access the Shopify app store and search for our App.
  • Click on "Install".

Connecting with the LabsMobile App:

  • Enter the required credentials: LabsMobile account email and API token.

SMS Notifications:

  • Predefined notifications include: New orders, Order prepared, Order canceled, and Abandoned order.
  • Each notification can be enabled or disabled according to the user's needs.
  • By default, all notifications are disabled when the application is loaded.
  • Use predefined variables to personalize notifications.
  • Save notifications in different languages to suit the store's settings.
  • Add emojis to give a visually attractive touch to your messages.

Key points to keep in mind

  1. Easily check the number of credits available for notifications from the top section of the application.
  2. Each notification provides details about the allowed character limit.
  3. Identify the type of SMS and the number of messages that will be sent with each notification.

More information in the description of the LabsMobile module for Shopify.


The LabsMobile SMS module for Shopify is a powerful tool designed to enhance customer communication and boost sales. It offers seamless integration with Shopify, an intuitive interface, and advanced functionalities such as message personalization, smart automation, and campaign tracking. These features allow merchants to efficiently send SMS messages, from abandoned cart reminders to shipping notifications, significantly improving the customer experience and optimizing marketing strategies.


If you have any questions or need technical support with the LabsMobile SMS module for Shopify, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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