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Sending SMS messages easily and quickly with the Yii module

Sending bulk SMS messages is now a lot more efficient thanks to the Yii module developed by LabsMobile. You'll be able to send messages to the whole world with just one line of code.

Yii is a PHP framework which is growing every day. It already collects together more than 7% of projects developed in PHP and is only increasing. Yii is a high-performance, modern framework which attracts the majority of PHP developers thanks to its characteristics including rapid development, caching, authentication and control of access based on roles, testing etc.

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Publication: 11.19.2015
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

This graph shows the evolution of the first Frameworks for PHP in the last year: Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP and Zend Frame.


Source: Google Trends

LabsMobile have developed two modules to use in the two versions of Yii. Now you are able to send bulk messages to any country, with just one line of code thanks to Yii 1.1 and Yii 2.0.

In this article, we'll explain the principal advantages of the new Yii modules, and advise you on how to easily install the extensions.

What are the advantages of the Yii Modules?

  • It's could not be easier: You can send SMS messages with just one line of code. 
  • Communication without borders: You'll be able to carry out bulk messaging to every country in the world. 
  • Free: Enjoy it without even spending one euro.

How to add the Yii Module in 4 steps:

  1. Open the Labsmobile website and sign up for free.
  2. Copy the file named “LabsMobileSMS” in the folder /protected/extensions.
  3. Add the code in exchange for yours in your configuration file (eg. /config/main.php).
  4. Send SMS messages using just one line of code, instead of your code.

Sending SMS messages easily and quickly with the Yii module

From now on, you'll be able to send messages without borders with just one line of code. Work out an efficient communication strategy using bulk SMS messaging with the modules for the Yii framework. You'll be able to find lots of other extensions and plugins at our website. 

To find out more, don't hesitate to consult our article on how to send bulk messages around the world with the Yii module using just one line of code. We are available for any doubts you might have, via telephone or email.

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