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Send SMS in Guatemala. Why use SMS in Guatemala?

SMS are one of the most important digital marketing tools today. These allow for rapid and quick communication between companies and clients. The usages of text messages can be varied, depending on the specific objective of each business. 

The LabsMobile platform offers all the functions you need to send SMS in a massive, easy, and quick way. It has support for many countries, among them, Guatemala. From the platform, you can send messages to the same country or different parts of the world.

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Publication: 03.02.2021
Última modificación: 04.20.2022
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In this post, we will tell you why use SMS in Guatemala?

How does LabsMobile work?

LabsMobile has a system of credits that work as an internal and universal currency. This means that, once you buy credits, you can use them for marketing campaigns in different countries if you prefer. The objective of credits is to make the process easier and faster, instead of having to buy SMS for each specific campaign. 

Besides, once you have the credits, they will be stored in your account. They are only used when sending the messages. Then, only sent messages are paid for. The rest of the credits can be stored for up to 18 months. 

The difference lies in the cost of a message for each country, which is reflected in the credits. Depending on the cost and where you want to send the message, it’s the amount you have to pay. For example, in Guatemala, each SMS costs $0.30. If you compare this with Spain, the cost is $0.56. 

SMS packages in Guatemala

SMS can be bought in packages, depending on the needs of the company. The more text messages you buy, the cheaper the final cost per message is. In the case of Guatemala, if you buy over 50,000 messages, the price ends up being $0.27 each message.

Send SMS in Guatemala. Why use SMS in Guatemala?

Text messages can be used for many things in Guatemala. This is a direct and personalized channel between companies and users. Some of the functions of messages include:

  • Promotions and discounts: the companies that sell products or services use messages to increase their sales. For this, they offer promotions or exclusive discounts. In Guatemala, this is very used by food providers. 
  • Online purchase confirmation: e-commerce has become very popular, especially during the pandemic. Use an SMS and confirm an online purchase or let them know that their parcel is on their way. 
  • Notifications and important notices: Companies can use messages to communicate information to their clients. For example, that a store will be closed for a few days. 
  • Attendance confirmation: SMS are also used to confirm attendance to some event or, for example, a medical appointment.
  • Collection notices or delayed payments: this is a quick and easy way to notify users that still have to pay their subscription, for example, to the gym. 

LabsMobile, an SMS platform in Guatemala

You can start using all the perks of SMS in Guatemala with the LabsMobile platform today, in a simple and quick way. Sign up for free and test our service!

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