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Replacing personalized Links when sending SMS

Create your own domain in the SMS links you send and this will reassure your users

LabsMobile has recently added a new feature with great value in the section Account Preferences in the Platform for sending SMS: a new field of personalized domain to send short links with a domain created by the client. 

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Publication: 09.23.2021
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

This personalized domain or subdomain can be used by any user of the platform for all the short links (for example, in attachments, files, landing pages, downloading links, etc).

Steps to follow to set up this personalized domain

1Create a DNS entry in the control panel of the hosting or domain. It’s important that the user enters their control panel and creates this entry, because LabsMobile does not have access to this control panel (it’s personal). An example of DNS entry definition: type  CNAME from to

2Then, they should introduce the domain in the following field in the LabsMobile WebSMS: Account preferences - Personalized Domain. Then, they have to save the changes. It’s important to know that sometimes you’ll need 24 hours to complete the DNS update. That is why it’s convenient to wait before creating your first campaign with personalized links.

Replacing personalized Links when sending SMS


3When the error message disappears, it means the domains have been successfully set up and all your links or short URLs will include this personalized name. This can also be confirmed in the section called Replace Links.

Replacing personalized Links when sending SMS

If you activate this option at the WebSMS, all the links included in your SMS messageswill be replaced by short links automatically and they will be counted in the visits and click stats.

New feature: Personalizing domains in the LabsMobile platform 

In a maximum period of 60 minutes from setting up the domain, the platform will assign an SSL (Let’s Encrypt) certificate to accept any https URL.

Other new features in LabsMobile:

  • General: new section Support->API parameters with all the information about how to set up the API. 
  • Attachments: a process of validation of files and URLs to include in the messages as links. All of these resources attached must be validated for them to work correctly.
  • History of messages: new Approved state for those messages that can be confirmed as delivered by the user. This new state means that the message has been validated and approved by the local operator and that the process of delivery byt he GSM network has started.
  • History of messages: including the subaccounts filter.
  • Stats: inclusion of subaccounts filter.
  • Text templates: compatibility with any Unicode character (emojis, symbols, etc).

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