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RCS is driving the digital transformation giving you 20 times the conversion rate compared to SMS

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Publication: 06.13.2018
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One of the highlights of the MWC 2018 was a conference called ''Digital transformation for the consumer 2.0''. They explained how brands would look beyond sales and transactions to foment and maintain personal and permanent conversations with their consumers.

The conference also discussed the various channels that brands should use to communicate with consumers: e-mail, SMS and social networks. However, special emphasis was placed on the introduction of RCS (rich communication service) messaging. In the future, customers will be able to have different conversations with brands quickly and instantaneously through one channel using RCS technology.

The conversations will be personalized, private and personal data will be secure; the security of consumers’ personal data now represents a very important challenge for brands. The new RCS messaging platform can also be used to launch new products and services.

GSMA Intelligence estimates that around 350 million people will use this technology in the final quarter of 2018, and in 2019, this will double. Although SMS is evolving, RCS will take over, as it will be available on all mobile devices.

Vodafone has already installed RCS on all of its devices on the open market and has completed five tests for RCS Business Messaging. The results have given a conversion rate of 20 times that of SMS messaging.

RCS is changing the ecosystem of brand communication. Every company will soon have this effective tool at their fingertips to match their brand with consumers.

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