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The evolution of SMS, RCS: what is it and how can it grow my business?

Did you know that the classic SMS messaging service is almost at the point of revolutionizing customer service as we know it?

New technology RCS (Rich Communication Services) will enrich communication with your customers.

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Publication: 06.13.2018
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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What exactly is RCS?

RCS technology is being developed in collaboration between the largest telephone providers and device manufacturers to be capable of sending and adapting automatic and personalized messages independently of distinct networks (LTE, GSM, UMTS, etc.), countries and smartphone models.

The GSMA company leading the project will be launching a global service for users in Europe, North America, Asia and at least 75% of users in Latin America.

RCS technology will provide a classic messaging service but with all the features offered by modern chat services:

  • The creation of chat groups.
  • Knowing that the person on the other side of the chat is writing, or indicators that they have received or read the message.
  • Sharing high quality photos and videos.

What audiences could it reach?

The link between companies and messaging services will be carried out through the Google Jibe RCS Cloud service.

RCS technology will be available to more than 2 billion Android users over the world.

Users that have an Android smartphone, which has the Messages application installed, will have automatic access to the RCS service via an update.

Users that don’t have the app can download it from the Google Play Store.

An impressive business advantage. How can I take advantage of RSC?

The renewal of SMS provides brands with quality interaction with its users. Below we will share with you some examples of potential application.


One airline can remind and allow check-ins before the flight by generating a boarding card and map of the terminal without the user having to leave the messaging app.  


You unlock your phone to see that your bank has sent you a message detailing your last purchase, asking if it was really you that made the payment, and giving you the ability to immediately accept the payment, or block it and contact the bank’s customer service helpline.

Constant communication and the possibility to operate quickly and fluidly is vital to improving the security of business operations.


It isn’t just the largest companies that can benefit from this technology. Small and medium-sized businesses can also make use of enriched messaging services to offer better customer service, which in turn increases customer loyalty, and allows the business to grow and expand.

RCS is the evolution of SMS for the smartphone era: a platform to interact with your customers in real time. A user experience that you’ve never seen before.

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