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QR Codes and SMS

Today we would like to discuss QR Codes, what they are, and what they do in detail, through examples and their specific use in text messages.

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Publication: 12.11.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

What are QR Codes and what do they do?

A QR Code is a square-shaped barcode that stores encoded data, which can be deciphered by a smartphone's camera. We need to download an app to scan it. The most popular app on Android is Barcode Scanner, and QR Reader for iPhone.

We are doubtlessly looking at a very creative digital tool which can be found in newspapers, magazines, brochures, and SMS. It has many uses, some of which we will mention next.

1 Replace barcodes

They may very well end up replacing barcodes, since they can be scanned on the phone without special scanning devices.

Link to a website

This is the QR Code's most common function. It usually links to a website to access further information on a given piece of news or an article. Some television programs show these codes on the screen so that the viewers may check out some interesting information related to the program's theme.

3 Link to a file

In addition to linking web pages, it is also possible to link any type of file to be downloaded automatically when the code is scanned.

4 Send text messages with QR Code

As mentioned, sending SMS with these codes can be a great marketing strategy that helps reach new customers, or find out more about those we already have, to offer them a better product.

5 Send raffle messages with QR Codes

One of the most common strategies using QR Codes is to send people a text message which they can then scan to access a website and be offered the chance to enter a raffle.

This strategy will help you find customers interested in different specific products, so that later you can send them offers for products of their interest. If they participate in the raffle, it is because they are interested in the product in question, so they are more likely to buy it.

QR Codes and SMS

Many companies already use this method by placing the codes in the boxes of their products so that people who consume them can participate. This way they get to know the type of client that buys their products, since to participate in the draw they usually ask for the data they deem appropriate.

We hope that this information about QR Codes and their uses has been of interest and useful for the company's future marketing actions.

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