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Purchase SMS. Best prices with reliable routes with LabsMobile

Buying SMS on LabsMobile's messaging platform is an excellent alternative for companies and businesses today. It allows you to communicate in a customized way with your customers, even if they do not have an Internet connection. This option gives you the opportunity to save time and money in your SMS campaigns.

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Publication: 05.18.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Correspondence between volume, price and country variables

The cost of SMS messages meets your company's needs. In this case, LabsMobile's rates are among the most competitive in the mass SMS service sector. The cost of the service we offer to you is variable. It depends on the volume of messages you want to send monthly to your customers. Therefore, before contracting our services you can calculate what will be the total cost of the service.

The pricing of the packs is determined by the country to which you intend to send the SMS messages and by the volume. At this point, it should be noted that there are destinations that have their own restrictions which you should take into account. The payment is made through purchases and top-ups on your user account which you must create in advance to be able to use our services.

Purchase SMS. LabsMobile's payment methods for SMS purchases

The main payment methods are bank transfer and debit or credit cards. However, a few months ago LabsMobile added other local payment methods.

In addition, you have the possibility of establishing a minimum quota for SMS and usage. Thus, the account will be automatically topped up and you will always have a positive balance available.

Direct and reliable routes. They work with no need for an Internet connection

The delivery of SMS messages is not done via the Internet, but through telephone operators in the countries to which we have access. To do this, we use the GSM network, an acronym that comes from the Global System for Mobile. This is the open standard, free of charge, for digital mobile telecommunications. It is also the most widely accepted standard in the world.

At the same time, the system gives you the possibility to have control, in real-time, of the status of the SMS messages. Among the parameters to be checked are the time and date of delivery to the recipient.

What is this network like?

The speed of the network guarantees the use of direct routes between the transmitter and the receiver. These are characterized by their reliability and the maintenance of high speeds. Therefore, the recipient will be able to receive the SMS you send them within seconds. Once received, you have the possibility to access a delivery confirmation.

In short, buying SMS messages or any of LabsMobile's SMS country packs will allow you to maintain a more personalized communication with your customers in these times of confinement and to carry out marketing campaigns using little time and money.

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