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New version WebSMS v4.8.1

LabsMobile has released a new version of WebSMS v4.8.1. In our constant pursuit of excellence, we are pleased to regularly release updates to our SMS sending and management platform, and this latest version brings with it new features and innovations.

With WebSMS 4.8.1, you will have access to a wide range of new functionalities that will further enhance your experience. As you already know, our application provides you with all the tools you need to manage your account, top up credits and effectively send SMS campaigns. 

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Publication: 07.06.2023

In this version we have added the accesses of different users, the Excel XLSX file format, consumption reports, personalized notifications, among others.

All this at no additional cost. Enjoy one of the best SMS platforms paying only for the SMS you send. No additional charges or subscriptions for the most complete software on the market.

Main new features of this version

These are the main new features of this version of the LabsMobile WebSMS application:

Excel XLSX file format

From now on, all import and export files in our platform have been updated to Excel XLSX format. One of the main advantages of this format is the optimization of the space taken up by the files. XLSX files are more efficient in terms of size, which means that you will be able to store and transfer data faster and more efficiently.

We have also implemented the XLSX format in the message export options, specifically in the sending history, as well as in the recipient group export. This allows you to export data more efficiently and in a way that is compatible with other tracking and analysis tools.

Although it is still possible to use files in XLS format, we recommend that you use only the current Excel XLSX templates.

User/access and role management

A new screen has been configured to create, manage and delete users that will have access to the same user account. In this way the administrator user can create users or accesses to the account.

Each user will be able to configure some aspects of visualization and contact such as language, time zone, notification email, cell phone, etc.

In addition, privileges or roles will be configured for each user that will enable functionalities and screens to the user. The different roles will be: sending, results, invoicing, configuration and support. Thus the users will have enabled the screens and functionalities corresponding to the granted roles.

Only the administrator user of each account can enable or disable roles. And users will be able to configure notification preferences, contact and display settings once they access WebSMS.

So each login or user will be able to configure their email address and verified cell phone to receive the 2FA code to access the account.

In addition, this contact information will also be used to configure user notifications such as invoices, balance alerts, purchase confirmations, etc.

By default accounts will have a single user (administrator with all roles enabled) who will have the email username of the account.

It is possible to create as many users as needed in the accounts as in the sub-accounts.

Consumption reports

On the other hand, additional optional email notifications have been created and can be configured from the User Preferences.

These consumption notifications can be customized so that they can be received on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Monthly is the default setting.

The report will contain basic account activity and consumption information such as:

  • Delivery and error rates
  • Credits, consumption and comparison with previous periods.
  • Sendings to different countries
  • Delivery errors (due to lack of balance, incorrect password, API integration, etc.) 

Personalized notifications

We have now also enabled a system of personalized notifications that users will receive. This information will appear once the user logs in to the account

The information can be about help, incidents, relevant communications, platform news, etc.

Deferred and stored results

A system has been created to perform the queries of results of sendings and campaigns in a deferred way in time. This affects the History, Message Statistics and Click Statistics options.

From now on, any query in these sections will be requested to a system that will attend to these information requests. Once the requests are resolved and the information can be consulted, the user will be able to access this response as before and export the results.

The benefits of this change are:

  • Resolution of complex queries of many messages or massive campaigns.
  • Storage of results that can be consulted later.

Web landings tracking

The tracking of web landings has also been updated with the introduction of a Google Analytics 4 tracking code

In this way, it is possible to carry out a much deeper and more detailed monitoring of the statistics of the landing web and the behavior of the users on the landing.

In summary, we invite you to enjoy all the new features available in your LabsMobile account through WebSMS. We are excited to provide you with these enhancements that will optimize your SMS communications. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will explain all the details. In addition, we are always open to your suggestions and input for future versions of our platform - your feedback is valuable to us and helps us to constantly improve!

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