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Mobile Marketing: How to design more effective campaigns

Historically, companies have used marketing and the many tools it offers to improve their efficiency and their reach with users. When technology appeared, a new style was born, known as digital marketing. Taking advantage of all the options offered by the digital world and the internet, new tools were also developed. In turn, there are other subcategories and one of them is Mobile Marketing.

As its name shows, this type of publicity is exclusively directed to mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. In the last few years, the use of mobile devices has grown a lot and has become an irreplaceable instrument in our daily lives. For this reason, there are many tools that can be explored and take advantage of them to carry out effective mobile marketing campaigns. Let’s examine some of them. 

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Publication: 12.09.2021
Última modificación: 06.13.2022

Mobile Marketing in numbers

Mobile phones are not what they were 5 or 10 years ago. They stopped being simple messaging instruments to transform into multi-functioning devices. You can even work with them!

The popularity of smartphones and how much they have grown is not only our perception, but there are many research studies carried out in Spain and around the world that present concrete numbers:

  • Globally, 66% of the population surfs the internet using a mobile device. This represents over 5 billion people. Besides, web traffic is generated in a bigger proportion in mobile (more than 55%) than in desktop computers. And this tendency will only increase in the future.
  • For example, 94% of Spain’s inhabitants between 16 and 65 years old use smartphones (which is over 21 million people). 
  • On average, phones spend 2 hours and 30 minutes in a day while tablets represent around half.
  • Other interesting data is that 41% of users have carried out some kind of purchase through their mobile phones and 31% don’t open their emails if they are not adapted to be read on the smartphone. 

With this data in mind, it makes a lot of sense to focus your campaigns towards Mobile Marketing to make them more efficient. 

Possible types of campaigns with Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are incredibly popular today, so companies cannot afford to ignore this channel and not use it for marketing campaigns. This is a golden opportunity to create a closer relationship between users and companies because smartphones are with them at all times.

Mobile marketing involves a great number of options that can be carried out to develop campaigns. Some of them are:

1 Ads adapted for mobile devices: if users navigate the web with their mobile, you have to prepare ads for that. They should not be annoying and hinder the screen and they should not take users out of the site they are looking at. The main thing is that they are easy to observe and don’t make the client feel uncomfortable.

2 Publicity networks specific for mobile devices. There are many projects that have been created to distribute ads in third-party apps (like games, video players, etc) that optimize the formats and allow you to optimize the audience in a very concrete manner

3 Publicity in social media. This type of platform is consumed by millions of people, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other. The social media marketing mobile involves publicity campaigns carried out on these platforms. They have two main advantages: you can create direct feedback with users and they allow you to focus on different objectives through micro-segmentation. 

4 Web Responsive. We have mentioned how using smartphones is better than using desktop computers. Thus, websites need to automatically adapt to these mobile devices’ screens and their browsing should be 100% fluid. For example, you can design a page that allows you to see videos vertically so it’s comfortable for people who access it through their phones.

5 The creation of an app. A very effective option is to offer an app designed by the company. It allows for direct communication with the client, purchases and a closer relationship. You should not only focus on creating the app but also in making it well-known. The user has to download and install it in their mobile phone so you have to explain why it’s important and what benefits it will bring about. 

6 Social Local Mobile. Also known as SOLOMO, this means creating ads or searches that only appear on mobile. For this, you use geolocation of keywords.

7 SMS campaigns. Text messages are ideal to reach our desired audience. It’s a communication channel exclusively designed for mobile devices and 100% compatible with all of them. You can send offers, promotions, greetings, and more information to clients in a quick and massive way, with a very high open rate and a reduced cost considering their impact. 

8 Email marketing. Mobile devices are also used to monitor email inboxes. It’s important to optimize their design so they can be read in a comfortable way from different devices.

Examples of Mobile Marketing With SMS

Text messages are one of the best tools for Mobile Marketing. They have two main characteristics: they are quick and can be sent massively. Besides, they guarantee an open rate of over 90%, which is superior to other communication channels. 

The main function of Mobile Marketing is to increase the sales of products and services. In this sense, SMS have a lot of possibilities.

  • You can send promotions or exclusive discounts with an SMS landing that gives more information. For example, “take advantage of a 20% discount on your purchases during this weekend. Click here and discover all the available products”. 
  • A cross-selling campaign. Through SMS, you can send complementary products to purchases already made by clients. For example, audio equipment for people who bought a television or a portable charger when they buy a phone. 
  • Offer a discount with a QR code. “Dear client, present this code in one of our stores and obtain an exclusive benefit of 15% off on your next purchase”.
  • Let your clients know about new products you launch into the market. You can add photos and videos so they can see exactly what these are about. 
  • Always include a URL that can show multimedia content, more information, or guide the receiver towards the desired action. 

SMS campaigns allow you to carry out different functions. From presenting yourself, notifying clients about the creation of new shops, obtaining feedback from your clients through polls or increasing your blog or newsletter subscriptions. The possibilities are endless.

For marketing campaigns with SMS to be successful, you need to have a clear objective. Once you know it, you can focus on a simple and concrete call to action to achieve it. 

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Mobile Marketing: how to design the most effective campaigns

With LabsMobile, you’ll be able to design the campaign with all the features available so you can send your SMS quickly and easily. You’ll have the chance to import your database to segment the public and personalize each message and access a control panel where all the details about the campaign are stored. With that data, you’ll be able to analyze the final results and understand how to improve in future campaigns. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

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