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We are moving towards the messaging of the future: RCS-SMS messages

RCS represents the evolution of SMS messaging, which gives companies the power to send richer, more complete content to customers.

This new system will add enhanced features to clients' default message applications. Companies will now be able to create and build stronger relationships with customers by increasing their loyalty and achieving more conversions.

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Publication: 02.18.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022
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We are moving towards the messaging of the future: RCS-SMS messages

Almost all sectors and industries will benefit from the use of RCS. Here we explain its potential for communication, sector by sector:

Retail Sector:

Retailers must do everything they can to hold onto their competitive advantage, and being able to send richer, more mobile-focused communications to their customers will form a large part of their future success.

RCS will play an important role in this process by adding fully customized interactions directly to clients' default messaging applications.

Some examples of its uses in the retail sector are as follows:

  • Digital receipt delivery
  • Customer service through an interactive chat.
  • Setting up delivery times or changing them.
  • Selling products.
  • Receiving payments.
  • Sending ad campaigns and marketing messages containing promotions, discounts, news, and more.

Financial Sector:

RCS will play a very important part in the finance sector, because it will allow for verification of those ordering transfers and prevent fraudulent sources.

At the same time, it will also become possible to use all kinds of buttons which allow payments to be made more easily.

Examples of uses in finance:

  • Updating claims and complaints (for example, by uploading photos and other details)
  • Making payments using linked buttons.
  • Reminders about lost payments.
  • Renewing policies.
  • Applying for credits or loans.
  • Reporting fraudulent activities.
  • Organizing appointments at bank branches.
  • Verifying customer identity.

Uses in the public sector:

In the public sector, RCS will make it possible to modify some processes previously carried out in person so that they can now be performed automatically. It will also facilitate relations between internal suppliers and improve communication with the customers of public services.

The following are just a few examples:

  • Taking utility meter readings or submitting them.
  • Chats for service and customer assistance.
  • Providing fare selection tools.
  • Facilitating bill payments for consumers.

Real Estate Sector:

The real estate sector will be another of the great beneficiaries of the rich content they will be able to offer their customers and consumers. It will help create faster, more efficient processes to inform them about new properties or perform other procedures.

Examples of such uses include:

  • Alerts about new properties with dynamic fields that vary in accordance with search criteria. This may include pictures, videos, texts, geo-located maps, and more.
  • Live chat with a real estate agent so you do not have to make a call.
  • Carousels of images with the available properties according sorted by neighborhood.
  • Visit reminders, the option of making reservations, and reorganizing house visits automatically.

Document management performed more easily between the different parties.

Health Sector: 

The new RCS service can help patients by offering them the ability to perform tasks much more easily.

The following are just some examples:

  • Making appointments and changing them automatically.
  • Adding appointments to your calendar.
  • Sending smart reminders about appointments.
  • Sending in prescriptions. This service will allow patients to avoid having to go to medical centers in person.
  • Delivering the results of medical tests.

What about customers who do not use Android?

At the time of the launch, RCS will be compatible only with Android phones. This means that customers using an Apple iPhone will not be able to receive RCS messages.

However, this does not mean that companies will not be able to send content to their entire database. The tools that can be offered will identify users of Android and non-Android devices, with failsafe channels which include Landing Pages and Mobile Journeys, used to ensure that 100% of all customers receive messages with content enriched using other means, such as SMS messages.

What are the advantages of RCS messaging?

One of the main advantages will be lower costs, better customer service and many more possibilities than with SMS messages. For instance, you can add an intelligent chatbot to deal with basic customer inquiries.

It will also improve the retention of current customers, because once the service is purchased, new and more customized offers can be sent to each of them.

Customer retention

It will provide a totally reliable messaging service, with fully secure identification and verification mechanisms for each brand. This will also reduce spam.

It will make it possible measure results accurately. Everything can be measured and analyzed, as well as improving brand perception.

With RCS, you can gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Communications will grow richer and may include images, videos...

This new technology is designed to be fail-proof and will come with a universal platform for creating the best templates.

LabsMobile will offer the greatest potential, with usability prepared for all types of companies that are looking to enjoy this new technology of the future.

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