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Main uses of SMS Reception

LabsMobile’s SMS platform allows you to carry out different functions. One of them is receiving SMS, which consists of receiving messages from clients and users, which are answers to other messages you sent previously.

This system allows you to establish a short conversation between the sender and the receiver, feedback in the relationship between both parts. In general, these messages are short, with a few words only. The main advantage of this system is that messages are received in the same place and it can be controlled easily using a control panel. In this way, you can quickly know who sent the message, what was the answer, the time, etc. 

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Publication: 08.03.2020
Última modificación: 06.16.2022
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As a result, receiving SMS allows you to establish a direct conversation with your clients, interacting with the chosen contacts. Now, which are their applications and who can take advantage of this function?

Main uses of SMS reception 

There are certain fields that can make the most out of the features and advantages that this format of SMS reception offers: 

1 Human resource teams

One of the main beneficiaries are human resource companies that organize different events. For example, if they have to organize a dinner party and need 30 waiters, they can send a series of SMS to their personnel list to ask who is available and would like to take the offer. The first ones who respond with positive answers will get the vacancies. 

The same happens with a party that needs a DJ, barmen, security guards, etc. This is a very quick and easy-to-use tool to recruit people. 

2 Event planning

This feature is very useful for event planners, especially, when it comes to RSVP on the part of the guests. In the case of an award, for example, coming up with a schedule for the ceremony, the table arrangement, and other characteristics will depend on the guests' attendance.


This is a very useful system that can be used by doctors, dentists, or psychologists for the confirmation of appointments on the part of their patients. A day before, you can send an SMS to all the people who have to come and ask them to confirm whether they will do so. 

In this way, if clients decide to cancel their appointments, you can reschedule them for the future with enough time to reorder your agenda. 

4 Polls

Take advantage of this short-answer format and use SMS to make polls and surveys. You can send different questions to your contacts and send information in just one place to easily analyze it. 

5 Customer support

The possibility of establishing fluid communication is useful for clients to ask questions, ask for information or clear up doubts. As a result, you can develop a customer support system using SMS. 

6 Games

The ludic aspect is also present in this feature. Companies can send messages to their contacts, inviting them to participate in some kind of game. For example, once a day you can send a question and, those who answer correctly, can advance to the next day’s round. As they answer correctly, they can receive prizes.

7 Deliveries

Companies that sell products via home delivery can take advantage of SMS reception to make sure each client got their package on time. You can organize a schedule day by day with all the items to deliver and send direct messages to clients. 

8 Reservation of a new product

Reserving a new product that is not yet available is also possible using this system. Companies that have users who subscribed to a newsletter send constant information to keep them informed. In these cases, they can ask if the client is interested in making a reservation of the product before it is available to the general public. 

Main uses of SMS Reception

SMS reception is a very useful tool to generate a conversation between you and your clients. This relationship will be fast and direct and you can observe the most useful information in LabsMobile’s control panel.

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