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LabsMobile SMS Module for Prestashop

Available the new version of LabsMobile SMS Module for Prestashop. And with a special offer in which we reimburse you the amount of the module in your first SMS purchases. That is, the module will have 0 cost because we refund the amount of the SMS packs.

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Publication: 08.25.2023
Última modificación: 08.25.2023

What LabsMobile and SMS offers you in your PrestaShop eCommerce

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, effective communication with customers is fundamental to the success of any platform. In this context, SMS text messaging has proven to be an exceptional channel for boosting eCommerce interactions. 

Particularly in the case of the popular eCommerce platform Prestashop, integrating the right SMS module can make all the difference in customer experience and conversion rates. 

In this article, we will explain why SMS stands as a perfect channel for eCommerce in general and specifically for Prestashop. We will present in detail the LabsMobile SMS module designed for Prestashop, a tool that allows the implementation of a comprehensive SMS communication in your online business. 

The great advantage is that the cost of the module is offset on your first SMS purchases, which means that you only pay for the SMS messages sent. An incredible opportunity to improve communication with your customers in an effective and economical way.

What is Prestashop eCommerce software?

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce software designed to create and manage online stores efficiently. This platform offers users a wide range of tools and functionalities to set up and manage their online business effectively. 

From managing product catalogs and payment options to tracking orders and customizing store appearance, PrestaShop has become a popular choice among entrepreneurs and online retailers. Founded in 2007, the platform has experienced steady growth and has established an active community of users, developers and designers who contribute to its continued development.

Some of PrestaShop's outstanding features include:

  1. Product management: Allows you to create and organize product catalogs with options for categorization, attributes, pricing, inventory and more.
  2. Design customization: Provides store appearance customization options through themes and templates, allowing you to adapt the store to your brand's visual identity.
  3. Payment options: Integrates multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, among others, to facilitate online transactions.
  4. Order management: Allows tracking and management of orders, from the shopping cart to shipping and order confirmation.
  5. SEO Optimization: Offers tools and functionalities to improve the store's positioning in search engines, making it easier for customers to find the store online.
  6. Customer management: Allows you to manage customer profiles, order histories, subscriptions and preferences to offer a personalized experience.
  7. Modules and extensions: It has a wide variety of modules and extensions both free and paid that expand the functionality of the store.
  8. Multilingualism and currencies: Supports multiple languages and currencies, which facilitates expansion to international markets.
  9. Security: Offers security measures to protect customer data and ensure secure transactions.
  10. Inventory management: Allows product inventory management, low level notification and stock tracking.
  11. Reporting and analysis: Provides tools to generate sales reports, statistics, and store performance analysis.
  12. Social media integration: Facilitates integration with social media to promote products and drive traffic to the store.
  13. Mobile compatibility: The online store is adaptable to mobile devices, improving the shopping experience on smartphones and tablets.
  14. Sending management: Offers options to configure sending methods and calculate sending costs based on the customer's location.
  15. Regular updates: PrestaShop is regularly updated with new features and improvements to keep up with eCommerce trends and needs.

Why send SMS from Prestashop?

Sending SMS from PrestaShop offers a number of significant advantages and benefits that make this communication channel extremely useful and valid in the e-commerce context. 

  1. Immediacy: SMS text messages have a high rate of instant delivery, allowing for quick and timely communication with customers. This is especially valuable for urgent notifications, such as order confirmations, delivery updates and time-sensitive offers.
  2. Wide Coverage: SMS can reach virtually every cell phone, regardless of model or level of sophistication. This ensures that your message reaches a diverse audience without exclusions.
  3. Universality: It is not necessary for recipients to have Internet access to receive SMS messages. This makes it an ideal channel to reach customers who may not have constant connectivity.
  4. Simplicity: SMS messages are concise and direct, making it easy to deliver important information clearly and without confusion. This is especially beneficial for communicating critical order details, deadlines or account information.
  5. High Read Rate: Text messages have an exceptionally high read rate, often exceeding 90%. This ensures that your communications are seen by the majority of your customers, which increases the effectiveness of your messages.
  6. Interaction and Engagement: You can include short links in your SMS to direct customers to specific pages of your website, special promotions or surveys. This increases the possibility of interacting directly with customers.
  7. Reminders and Confirmations: SMS are ideal for sending reminders of appointments, events or delivery dates. They are also useful for confirming orders and providing tracking codes.
  8. Precise Segmentation: You can segment your customer lists and send personalized messages based on their purchase history, preferences or geographic location.
  9. Low Cost: Compared to other communication channels, SMS is often less expensive, which is beneficial for businesses looking for a cost-effective way to stay in touch with their customers.
  10. Accessibility: Most people carry their cell phones with them all the time, which means that SMS is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Together, these benefits make SMS a valuable and effective channel for improving customer communication in an eCommerce environment like PrestaShop. Instant notifications, high read rate and the ability to reach a wide audience make SMS an essential tool for driving customer interaction and engagement.

What is included and how does LabsMobile SMS module for Prestashop work?

LabsMobile SMS module for PrestaShop is a comprehensive tool that allows online store owners to improve communication with their customers via SMS text messages. Compatible with PrestaShop versions from 1.6 to the current 8.1, this module offers a number of key functionalities to optimize the e-commerce experience.

LabsMobile SMS module features:

  1. Easy Setup: The module integrates seamlessly into the PrestaShop admin panel and offers intuitive configuration to connect your store with LabsMobile services.
  2. Automated Notifications: Allows sending automatic notifications to customers, such as order confirmations, status updates and delivery dates. This improves transparency and keeps customers informed in real time.
  3. Message Personalization: You can customize SMS messages according to your needs and brand identity. Adding relevant information, discount codes or links to promotions can increase interaction.
  4. Mass Messaging: Facilitates sending messages to multiple recipients at the same time, which is useful for promotions, product launches or special events.
  5. Reminders and Alerts: Set reminders for appointments, events, flash sales and other important events for customers.
  6. Customer Segmentation: You can segment your customers based on criteria such as location, purchase history and preferences, allowing you to send targeted and relevant messages.
  7. Delivery Report: Provides a detailed report on the delivery status of messages, allowing you to track the success of your communications.
  8. Integration with LabsMobile Services: The module integrates directly with LabsMobile's standard services, such as WebSMS and worldwide coverage with high quality routes.

The YouTube video provides a visual guide on how to install and configure the module for PrestaShop. 

In addition to the module's functionalities, LabsMobile offers standard services that complement the experience:

- WebSMS: A web-based platform for sending SMS messages from anywhere.

- Worldwide Coverage and Quality Routing: LabsMobile ensures reliable delivery of SMS messages worldwide through direct and high quality routing.

- Premium Support: LabsMobile provides technical support to ensure that all questions and issues are resolved efficiently. It also offers a premium support service for personalized attention.

You can access the LabsMobile SMS module for PrestaShop user guide to get a detailed understanding of installation, configuration and usage.

How to purchase and install the SMS module for your Prestashop eCommerce

Here are the detailed steps to purchase and install the SMS LabsMobile module in your PrestaShop store:

Step 1: Buy the Module

  1. Access here to the official profile of SMS LabsMobile module in PrestaShop module store.
  2. On the module page, you can find detailed information about its features and functionalities. Be sure to read it to understand what it offers.
  3. Click the "Add to cart" button to purchase the module.
  4. Follow the steps provided on the PrestaShop platform to complete the purchase, including selecting the payment method and confirming the purchase.

Step 2: Install and Configure the Module

  1. Login to the administration of your PrestaShop store.
  2. In the administration panel, go to the "Modules and Services" section.
  3. On the "Modules and Services" page, find and click on "Add a new module".
  4. Select the LabsMobile SMS module file you downloaded after purchase and follow the prompts to upload it to your store.
  5. Once loaded, find the "LabsMobile SMS" module in the list of installed modules and activate it.
  6. Now, follow the instructions detailed in the installation and configuration guide.
  7. This guide will walk you through the module configuration, including connecting to LabsMobile services, customizing messages and other relevant options.
  8. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully to ensure that the module is properly configured and ready for use.

By following these steps, you will be able to purchase, install and configure the SMS LabsMobile module in your PrestaShop store. This process will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of SMS communication with your customers and improve the shopping experience in your online store. If you need additional details about the installation and configuration, please visit the Module Installation and Configuration process. 

Welcome offer of SMS LabsMobile module for Prestashop

Great news! To welcome the SMS LabsMobile module for PrestaShop, we're launching a special offer you won't want to miss. Starting September 2023, we're offsetting the price of the module with SMS message packs. That's right! You only pay for the messages you send, and the module itself will be completely free.

How can you take advantage of this offer? It's simple. After you have purchased the SMS LabsMobile module for PrestaShop, all you have to do is contact us via email at Tell us the date of purchase of the module and the email address associated with your PrestaShop account that you used for the purchase.

Once we receive this information, we will add double the number of messages to your account, until the total cost of the module has been compensated. If you have any questions about how the module works or how the SMS channel can benefit the communication in your online store, don't hesitate to contact us!

We have been experts in the SMS channel for over 13 years and we are here to help you. Not only will you be improving communication with your customers, but you'll also be taking advantage of an exclusive offer that makes the LabsMobile SMS module for PrestaShop even more valuable to your business - we look forward to working with you on your e-commerce journey!

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