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LabsMobile official SMS provider for the Clave System

In this article we explain how the SMS LabsMobile platform can be integrated with the Clave system and PIN method in any digital service of a public organization.

If you are in charge of a public organization or you are developing a digital service for a public entity in Spain, you need to authenticate and validate user accesses. 

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Publication: 07.19.2023
Última modificación: 07.19.2023
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The Cl@ve system is the tool that allows you to perform these accesses and authentications in a secure way. And one of the authentication methods available is the SMS PIN key that can be contracted with LabsMobile.

LabsMobile as an official supplier of the Cl@ve System can offer connectivity with the SMS channel and thus enable the Cl@ve System through PIN access.

What is the Clave System?

The Clave System is an authentication and security system that can be used in any digital service of any organization or entity of the Spanish Administration to protect identity and secure online transactions. 

Its main objective is to add an additional layer of security through two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-factor authentication.

Its main purpose is to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to accounts and ensure the security of online transactions by requiring a second form of authentication.

The operation of the Key System involves the use of an additional factor of authentication, apart from the traditional password. This additional factor is usually a verification code sent to the user via SMS text message. Upon receiving the verification code, the user must enter it on the corresponding website or application to complete authentication and access their account or perform a transaction.


The Clave System in Spain offers different electronic identification methods that citizens can use to access online services. They are the following:

  1. Electronic certificate: this is an identification method based on a digital certificate issued by a recognized certifying entity. Citizens who have an electronic certificate can use it to identify themselves in electronic services and carry out procedures in a secure manner.
  2. Electronic DNI: The electronic National Identity Card (DNI) is an identification card that incorporates a chip with personal information and allows online authentication. Citizens in possession of an electronic DNI can use it together with a card reader to access online services.
  3. Cl@ve PIN: This is an identification method that uses a personal access code (PIN) assigned to the citizen. The PIN is previously obtained through a registration in the Cl@ve system, and is subsequently used together with the personal identification number (PIN) to access electronic services.

It is important to note that the choice of identification method depends on both the availability of each citizen and the requirements established by specific agencies and services. Some services may require a particular identification method, while others may allow different options.

Where can the Cl@ve System be used?

The Clave System is used in a wide variety of online applications and services, such as:

  1. E-Government: The Clave System is used in the Public Administration to access online procedures and services offered by state, regional and local agencies. It allows citizens to identify themselves securely and carry out procedures such as requesting certificates, filing returns, paying taxes, among others.
  2. Social Security: The Clave System is used to access Social Security services online, such as obtaining work life reports, requesting benefits, consulting contributions, among others.
  3. Employment Services: Citizens use the Clave System to access online employment services, such as registering as a job seeker, searching for job offers, applying for unemployment benefits, among others.
  4. Tax Authorities: The Clave System is used for procedures related to the Tax Agency, such as filing tax returns, consulting tax data, requesting payment deferrals or payment in installments, among others.
  5. Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT): uses the Sistema Clave for various procedures and services related to the circulation of vehicles and obtaining driving licenses. Some examples: driving license renewals, ownership transfers, duplicates, traffic fines, among others.

Currently, Clave is available for all the electronic services of the General State Administration, in all the Autonomous Communities and Ministries. Thus, with this system you will be able, for example, to file your income tax return or view your tax data, consult your clinical information, your DGT points, download your work life or obtain digital certificates.

Organizations interested in using the Clave System should contact the service providers or companies specialized in authentication and security to obtain more information about the contracting, integration and use of the system in their respective cases.

How does the Cl@ve System work?

In order to use this service, you must first register in the system by providing some personal data.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Access to the system
  2. Selection of the identification method

    1. DNIe /Electronic certificate
    2. 24H PIN access
    3. Permanent Cl@ve

  3. Identification
  4. Return to Administration Service

How to contract the Cl@ve PIN system by SMS?

Cl@ve PIN is a way to carry out procedures over the Internet with a limited validity in time and that can be renewed whenever we need. It is based on the use of a code chosen by the user and a PIN communicated to the phone through the Cl@ve PIN app or by SMS message.

LabsMobile is the official supplier of the system, integrating with the Identification Manager.

The Cl@ave System connection involves the issuance of SMS messages through which the PIN code to be entered at the time of authentication is indicated to the user.

The PIN code method is where LabsMobile can offer its platform to any public organization to integrate with its system. 

To contract the Cl@ve PIN system by SMS, the following steps can be followed:

1.Access the Sistema Cl@ve website: Visit the Sistema Cl@ve website ( where you will find information and resources related to system integration.

Obtain the necessary documentation: On the Sistema Cl@ve website, you will find important documentation, such as: 

  • Legislation documents
  • Integration manuals
  • Forms for registration, requests and sending information. As the SMS provider registration form.
  • Integration kits in different programming languages and environments.

2.Download the SMS provider registration form: Download the form "Clave Access Request - SMS Data rev11.pdf" from the website. This form is required to request access to the Cl@ve system and register the SMS provider, such as LabsMobile.

3.Complete the form: Fill in the form with the required data. Be sure to provide:

  • Phone No.: Sender to be delivered when an alphanumeric sender cannot be delivered.
  • Alphanumeric: Alphanumeric sender (one word) with no spaces or symbols (only letters and numbers) up to 11 characters. It is recommended that it begin with the word "Key". For example: "ClaveSIMPLE".
  • User: username (registration email) of the LabsMobile account.
  • Password: API token generated in the API Parameters section of the account control panel.

4.Send the form: Send the completed form to the organization responsible for the integration and the Cl@ve system. In this case, it is the Integrators and Developers Attention Center (CAID), which belongs to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, General Secretariat of Digital Administration.

5.Wait for validation and approval: Once the form is submitted, the responsible body will evaluate the request and validate the integration with LabsMobile as SMS provider. There may be a review and approval process before obtaining confirmation.

Cl@ve System Statistics

The use of this system is growing in recent years. Here are some of the system's metrics and some graphs that illustrate this:

  • 18.3 million registered users
  • 1,037 million authentications per year
  • 7,000 public organizations and entities adhered to the system

In conclusion, the Clave system is a very useful tool that allows Public Bodies to offer digital services securely to citizens. 

The use of the SMS channel in the Clave system allows to send secure communications and authenticate citizens adding integrity in a digital environment increasingly present, but also more prone to fraud and cybercrime in constant increase. LabsMobile offers its SMS platform and the expertise of its staff to assist Public Bodies in the integration and enablement of the Clave system by SMS, providing advice and support in the implementation process.

If you have doubts about the Clave system or how to integrate it in your City Hall or public entity, LabsMobile is available to provide help and answers to your queries.

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