Published: Dec 02, 2021
Last update: Dec 02, 2021
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LabsMobile includes Paypal as a payment method

paypal payment sms
LabsMobile includes Paypal as a payment method
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PayPal is one of the most used platforms for payment methods in the world, and now LabsMobile has included it within their available payment methods without an additional cost to buy SMS packages in their WebSMS platform.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is an online payment method that allows you to pay in different ways. It allows you to associate your credit cards to your Paypal accounts and, whenever you want to pay, you just have to log in with your email and password and choose the card you prefer to make the payment.

Paypal is an American company with a worldwide reach. It operates with an online payments system that supports money transfers among users and serves as an electronic alternative to more traditional payment methods such as money orders or checks.

It was founded in 1998 and in 2002, it acquired eBay. Its main headquarters are in California, USa, but it also has offices in Nebraska and Dublin (Ireland). 

PayPal is not exactly a bank, so it’s not subjected to the same laws as banking entities, but it does have to follow certain rules in the United States regarding competent Authority.

Is Paypal a secure payment method?

PayPal is a secure payment method because financial information (card data, bank accounts, etc) are kept in PayPal’s platform at all times. When users purchase, they have to enter their PayPal account but does not enter any other details. Then, the person can pay with total trust even if it’s an eCommerce store or any other they don’t know. 

Where can PayPal be used?

There are millions of sites where you can use PayPal in the world. Besides online stores, there are many charities that use PayPal to raise funds. And now you can use LabsMobile platform to send SMS to your clients. 

Today, PayPal is available in more than 200 countries and operates with over 100 currencies. Each day, the transactions grow in markets like Spain and Latam. PayPal has become the second most-used payment method. In October 2020, the number of daily users in PayPal was around 55,000, which represented 0,117 of the national population. 


Paypal in LabsMobile

To purchase in LabsMobile through PayPal it is necessary to have an account and validate the process (which takes around 10 minutes) to start recharging it. 

Using PayPal does not have an extra cost, so LabsMobile clients only have to pay for the message when purchasing SMS packages. 

Process of validation in LabsMobile

  • Creating a user account. 
  • Accepting and setting up notifications
  • Informing about invoicing and contact information. 
  • Signing the service contract and privacy policy. 

The purchasing process through Paypal has around 3 simple steps: 


1 Introducing the number of SMS to send.

2 Choosing Paypal as a method.

3 Click on the logo and you’ll be taken to an emergent window.

4 There, you’ll be able to enter your user and password (or choose to pay with a credit card).

5 If you introduce your PayPal details, it’s possible to choose a compatible payment method like debit or credit card, PayPal credit, and more than 10 different local payment methods in over 100 currencies of clients in more than 200 markets in the world. 

6 Introducing the data of the payment methods to confirm the purchase. 

7 If all the data is correct, PayPal will confirm the purchase to LabsMobile and the credits will be added immediately. 

It’s important to know that the amounts in the purchasing process are shown in your preferred currency. But by limitation of the account, you’ll only be able to see this in EUR by using an updated exchange rate. There are some differences between exchange rates that can produce a small difference in the package of SMS shown in the purchase process and the one finally charged by PayPal to the client. 

LabsMobile includes Paypal as a payment method

With this novelty, LabsMobile incorporates a new payment method to the others already available and gives anyone the option to pay for their SMS in an easy and comfortable way. These are the options available today. 

  • Stripe – credit/debit card
  • Ebanx – different payment methods in Latam
  • Coinbase – cryptocoins (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.)
  • Bank transfer


Security and confidentiality 

PayPal is a very well known payment method that complies with every safety measure. 

In every transaction or payment through PayPal, LabsMobile does not have access to any card or personal data of the client. Then, PayPal is responsible for the security and privacy of all the financial and personal data of their users.