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LabsMobile becomes a sustainable platform contributing to reforesting and mitigating climate change effects

LabsMobile will plant thousands of trees as of January 2021! This moment marks the beginning of a new project to contribute to improve our world.

Because small changes do matter!

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Publication: 03.02.2021
Última modificación: 03.03.2021

Trees are fundamental pillars of life: they purify our water, our air, and they help us create better social conditions. Besides, they benefit the environment, providing new homes for different types of life, cooling our climate, and enriching our soil. It’s because of this reason that LabsMobile participates in the program called Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) withTree-Nation, helping to plant trees in different forests around the world.  

LabsMobile becomes a sustainable platform contributing to reforesting and mitigating climate change effects.

What is Tree Nation? 

Tree-Nation is a citizen solution to face climate change that joins and coordinates efforts to re-forest around the world using a unique platform and allowing citizens, companies, and planters to participate.

This platform is a tool that allows to plant trees and compensate the carbon emissions of any company, worker, or client in just instants.

Why trees?

For more than 350 million years, trees have given Earth all the crucial conditions that make it suitable for human living. In addition to being the natural habitat of millions of species, they collect and store carbon from the atmosphere and liberate oxygen. 

Human beings often overlook this capacity and cut down more than 15 million trees every year, which means that almost 50% of all the trees on Earth have been cut down in the last 12,000 years. With an incredible increase in the amount of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere due to an excessive use of transportation and the animal industry, trees should be the natural (and obvious) solution to the problem we are causing.

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LabsMobile and Tree-Nation’s Objectives

The objectives of this collaboration will be to compensate the emissions that can be produced by the LabsMobile platfor to send SMS and its team. Besides, we would like to contribute to raise awareness about changing the traditional business model and sustainability in corporations, entities, and citizens.

Also, we would like to help with reforestation at a global level and contribute, as a digital company, to green communications and an internet with meaningful carbon compensation. 

Lastly, we want to support the Proyect Tree-Nation.

How the collaboration “a forest for each company” works

LabsMobile will plant trees through Tree-Nation for each visit to our website and for each member of the company’s team. It will also give away trees to clients compensating all the generated emissions. 

In this way, LabsMobile will be creating its own forest with detailed information about each tree we have contributed to planting, as well as states about carbon. 


 Follow up of each planted tree

You can follow all the planted trees at all times, the ones generated by the website, and also see the compensated visits, the carbon, and how many visits are left to plant another tree:…rofile/impact/labsmobilerofile/impact/labsmobile#co2

For each plantation project, articles and frequent updates are published in the section Project Updates.

When buying our services or simply by entering our website, you will contribute actively in the solution of deforestation and its effects.  

 Trees planted by each worker 

Tree-Nation will also plant trees for each worker in the LabsMobile company. Concretely, this program by Tree-Nation compensates carbon emissions directly related to employees such as their office space, electricity at work, food, office materials, and short team transport.

More info at: does this compensation come from?

Our compensation and our clients’ at LabsMobile helping to plant trees comes from carbon. This is a certified project from CO2. 

What does this mean? 

Well, that all planted trees will be certified by the main international standards of CO2 certification. This means that the compensation values are calculated by using a strict follow-up within projects and the evolution is controlled through time. 

See more information in the document. 

How is the compensation of a team calculated?

Tree-Nation, to compensate the emissions of a work team at LabsMobile, divides them into three categories: 

  • Employees and office
  • Long trips
  • Products and production

In this way, Tree-Nation has a simpler focus when estimating emissions without losing precision in each category.

List of Active Projects

Today, Tree-Nation has a list of active projects around the world where you can discover the selection of species to plant every month. And LabsMobile has started by choosing Madagascar, Colombia, and Brazil to plant its first trees.

Visit our plantation

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