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Integrate your management software with LabsMobile's SMS platform

LabsMobile platform offers its services for your management software to expand its functionalities and security by sending SMS communications and thus taking advantage of the benefits of this channel such as:

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Publication: 03.22.2023
Última modificación: 03.22.2023
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  • Best deliverability: 98%.
  • High read rate in less than 1 minute after delivery
  • Sending URLs with click tracking
  • Compatibility with any cell phone worldwide without the need to install any software or app.
  • Take advantage of the SMS channel to enhance the performance of your software and earn passive revenue.

    By incorporating SMS communication into your management software, it will become a more complete platform, while offering services that directly benefit your customers and end users. So it's a win-win situation for both parties. 

    Who might be interested in integrating with LabsMobile? All software companies that develop management or vertical applications for various sectors such as:

    • Software for the health sector: clinics, hospitals, private practices, dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, psychologists, mutual insurance companies, etc.
    • Software for temporary employment companies
    • Software for beauty salons and hairdressing salons
    • Software for law firms
    • Software for gyms, sports centers and facilities
    • Loyalty software
    • Software for monitoring, infrastructure or IT systems
    • Ticketing and security management software
    • Management software for catering, hospitality and tourism: hotels, restaurants, etc.
    • Ecommerce software for online sales
    • Software for real estate and property management
    • Community and group management software
    • Software for the training sector: academies, schools, universities, etc.
    • Software for retail: fashion, accessories and small commerce.
    • Repair management software: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, computers, home appliances, etc.

    Do you want to know more? Contact us.

    Advantages of integrating with LabsMobile

    • Your software will expand its functionalities and will be more attractive to your customers.
    • You will have one of the best communication channels in many use cases.
    • Don't worry, LabsMobile takes care of the connectivity and the complexity of the SMS world. The messages will simply be sent and we will be there for any query or incident.
    • You can earn revenue for each SMS your customers send. How? Through two business models: rebilling or commissions.

    Summary, advantages and disadvantages of each model





    -Buy SMS from LabsMobile and sell them to your customers.

    -Recommend LabsMobile to your customers and get a commission.


    -  You must issue invoices to customers for their SMS traffic.

    - You must control and check the balance of each customer.

    - You must provide payment and recharge methods to customers.

    - You must be the interlocutor in all support cases and queries.

     -LabsMobile sets the SMS price.


    -You can set the SMS price.

    - You don't have any administrative management. Just send the commission invoice every 3 or 6 months.

    - LabsMobile provides support for incidents and queries.

    - Customers have all WebSMS services including purchase and recharge advantages with different payment methods.

    Main questions




    What remuneration will I receive?

    In this case LabsMobile will set a price per SMS according to the monthly volume. And you are free to set a price per SMS with each customer with the added value that is integrated directly into the management software

    In this case a percentage is established depending on the pack purchased by the customer and can be between 5% and 10%.

    Every 3 or 6 months you pay commissions on all purchases or sendings from your customers.

    Who provides customer support?

    In this case the customer has no knowledge of LabsMobile and you as a reseller will be the interlocutor in possible questions or incidents.

    LabsMobile provides all the support in case of queries or cases to end customers through the established channels (chat and ticketing).

    How do customers buy?

    You will have to buy credits on our platform to cover your customers' sendings. For LabsMobile you are a single user account.

    In this case, the customer buys directly on our platform with any available payment method. Don't worry about the payment management as well.

    How can customers send SMS?

    Customers can send from your software or applications.

    We also offer our white label WebSMS application for your customers to connect and perform mass sendings and campaigns.

    Customers have a user account and have all the services of our platform.

    What price do customers pay per SMS?

    You can set the price you want by SMS and through the channels you have already established with your customer. We can advise you on market prices according to country and/or volume.

    The customer will pay the price that appears on our website according to the country of destination and volume of the pack.

    Who issues invoices?

    LabsMobile issues an invoice for the total amount of messages or recharges. And you issue invoices to your customers.

    LabsMobile issues invoices directly to the customer. You don't have any administrative tasks.

    How many user accounts do I need?

    In this case only one user account is needed to send all SMS messages.

    Through the API integration you can know the consumption of each customer.

    Each customer creates a separate user account from where he buys credits and sends the SMS messages.

    The user and API token must be entered in your software or applications to link the sendings with the customer's LabsMobile account.

    Steps to add SMS in your software with LabsMobile

    1. Create an account in our system and contact our sales team to request a custom quote.
    2. Try our platform and integrate your software with our SMS API, it's very easy! We have a fully compatible API with different versions. You will also have the support of our technicians.
    3. Extend the functionality of your software with SMS services accessible to your customers.
    4. Choose between the rebilling model or commissions.
    5. That's it! You have managed to expand the functionality of your software and increase your revenue.

    Do you have doubts about how to do it? Talk to our technical support and they will help you.

    Benefits for customers and users

    1. Your customers will be able to use a multitude of functionalities that an SMS channel will offer them. These are some of the main functionalities or use cases:


      • OTP codes for authentication
      • Validate the phone number provided by a user
      • Validate transactions, access or key actions
      • Sending passwords or private information
      • Signing documents or contracts


      • Appointment reminders
      • Payment or non-payment reminders


      • Collection notifications
      • Subscription notices
      • Certified notifications with legal validity
      • Sending of order statuses
      • Sending tracking or monitoring of a shipment or package
      • Sending of invoices, payments or pay slips
      • Communication of units out of stock or back in stock
      • Sending app download links
      • Communication of abandoned online shopping carts

    Obtaining information

      • Evaluations or reviews
      • Satisfaction survey
      • Obtaining opt-in or consent
      • Sending forms for confirmation or data entry


      • Computer errors or incidents (servers)
      • Disaster or incident alerts


      • Communication of loyalty points
      • Birthday greetings


      • Sending discount codes
      • Communication of new collections, products
      • Discount periods or special days (BlackFriday)

    2. They will use a very useful communication channel due to its compatibility and deliverability (98%).

    3. In many cases they will save costs by using effective communication such as reducing no-shows in appointment booking, saving on phone calls or reducing communication during repairs. These are just two examples of the potential benefits that SMS can bring to end users.

    4. Your customers will improve their communication and therefore the way they treat their customers or users, and thus build customer loyalty. In the long run this will translate into customer satisfaction and an increased customer base.

    How do I integrate my software?

    Through our SMS API it is possible to send SMS campaigns easily and quickly. We have different API versions (POST JSON, GET, POST XML, Mail2SMS, WebService, etc.) to facilitate the integration. And all of them comply with security standards and provide all the necessary functionality for a complete SMS integration.

    Based on our experience, basic integration involves a few hours of development. Usually less than 1 programmer's working day. However, you should prepare your software, if you have not already done so, for all the possibilities that the SMS channel can offer you.

    We can also advise you on the different functionalities that you can add in your software to applications to make the most of this channel and do it in the best way. 

    If you are interested in integrating your software or have any questions, contact us!

    Our team advises you

    Interested in our services?

    Our managers and technical team are at your disposal to answer all your questions about our SMS solutions and to advise you on the implementation of any action or campaign.

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