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Integrate SMS to your software.

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    LabsMobile is a platform that allows SMS messages to integrate with the Software from your job and in this way you can send professional SMS.

    With the LabsMobile API, you can send thousands of SMS messages with just one click. These can be personalized.

    SMS Software characteristics

    Our LabsMobile technical team has created an API of integration with simple documentation and several examples with different programming languages. This is compatible with any programming language and it can adapt to any system.

    Our added value includes instantaneousness, personalization, and price. With the API SMS you can manage and send thousands of SMS efficiently and safely. You will also be provided with a 24/7 technical service if you need to solve any incident.

    LabsMobile works with global mobile agents, which assures maximal security and coverage around the world. The security meets all the current norms and its database is completely protected.

    Use the SMS LabsMobile SMS for massive programmed messages

    LabsMobile allows you to manage your database to send SMS messages to thousands of clients or users simultaneously.

    Programming massive messages is another characteristic of LabsMobile software. Both with the API SMS and the WebSMS you can program the day and time to send the SMS messages.

    An example of SMS integration to your Software of orders

    An example of SMS integration to software is e-commerce. Each year eCommerce increases its sales and it assumes 41% of the sales in countries like Spain.

    The increase in online purchases also entails an increase in the shipping of packages. For this reason, many companies need a shipping service and transport of those packages. But this also includes an increase in the packages in movement. This is where the service of LabsMobile SMS comes into play. 

    The automatization of SMS messages helps thousands of companies, e-commerce, or companies of external packages to communicate with the clients during the process.

    Objectives of the integration of SMS in deliveries:

    – Communication with clients in all moments to inform where the packages are. When they get out of the warehouse when they will be shipped, or if any return is necessary

    – Automatized SMS is also used to communicate among drivers to confirm deliveries, routes, or other delivery options.

    – Delivery confirmations.

    – Improve the service for clients with satisfaction surveys after the delivery.

    – Give information about the place of delivery, if the client wishes one in a physical location.

    Integrate SMS to your software.

    SMS can easily integrate into your CRM systems with the LabsMobile API SMS. This integration allows you to send personalized SMS automatically, as the example we have given you about the tracking of deliveries in e-commerce. They allow you to keep track of many parts of the process of online purchase or any other process.

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