Published: Dec 16, 2015
Last update: Sep 10, 2016
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Information monitoring systems (SMS alerts)

Article Information monitoring systems

Bulk SMS messaging services or platforms like LabsMobile can help you to have more control and anticipate possible errors within the internal servers or IT processes of your company.

Nowadays, every business depends on IT processes which occur in the server or central computers of an organization. It is vital for the functioning of the business or company that these processes or servers work correctly. 

SMS alerts increase your control and can notify you of the following messages:

  • Errors or notifications of possible unwanted behaviors in important processes. In the applications, they can add communications in the case of important errors or unwanted behaviors. In this way, the programmer can troubleshoot incidents so that they don’t happen again in the future.
  • Monitoring alerts for websites and service functioning, like specialized monitoring platforms such as Nagios (with a special module for LabsMobile). One simple example would be an eCommerce, which for whatever reason might not be working for one whole weekend. With an SMS monitoring alert the incident can be resolved almost instantly, preventing any potential loss of income which this can cause.
  • Security alerts in record time. This can be applied in the case of intrusion or authentication to servers, applications, control panels, etc. An SMS is much more immediate and direct than an email.

An SMS on time (at the cost of a few cents) can anticipate possible errors, resolve incidents and prevent the crashing of websites or servers. With our bulk SMS messaging platform, you can find all the solutions that you need for your business to increase performance, and we offer you more guarantees of security and help you to avoid unwanted incidents.

In addition to the SMS Alerts, there are many other applications to enhance the communication and function of your business. Don’t hesitate to check our news blog where you’ll be able to find valuable information about marketing applications through mobile devices.