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How to use SMS in Real Estate

Sending SMS in real estate can be an essential marketing tool. There are many uses and opportunities for SMS in real estate. Check out the following uses of SMS that will optimize your business:

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Publication: 06.22.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

SMS for Sales

Send appointment reminders to prospective buyers for upcoming real estate showings. If a problem arises you can communicate to the client through their phone or any other device.

If a client has visited a home and the seller lowers the price, you can inform them of the drop in price and enable the potential buyer to make a purchase.

Send notices of new properties that match the potential buyers wants and needs. When new properties come up that may strike the client’s interest you can send the link of the property through SMS.

SMS as a Communication Channel

SMS in real estate can be used as a channel of communication with potential buyers.

If you have a blog where the content of value is shared, you can inform the clients about new publications through SMS.

You can also send SMS messages that highlight services that the company has available to its customers. These SMS messages can focus on novelty services or advertise some of the lesser known services that your company provides.

These SMS messages should be segmented to cater to the different interests of the client. For example, if the client wants information on rentals then they should not receive messages containing information on purchasing a new home.

SMS for Customer Loyalty

When customers use your service you want them to have a pleasant and professional experience with your business that makes them keep you in mind for the next time they are looking for a real estate service.

Sending SMS shows the client that you care about them and results in creating a more personal experience that builds customer loyalty.

Optimize your use of SMS in Real Estate

It is important to include links to your website or blog that adapt properly to the client’s devices in order to maximize the effectiveness of SMS.

It is important not to abuse the use of this medium, otherwise the client will overlook future important SMS messages from your company.

These messages should only be sent with content of value and at an appropriate frequency.

If you’re still not using SMS in your real estate business you are missing out on opportunities to attract and retain customers. LabsMobile makes it easy and affordable. Register today to take your real estate business to the next level.

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