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How to use SMS for taxi services and driving schools

There are lots of ways in which SMS can benefit your business. Today we will talk in particular about one of the uses that you can take advantage of: messaging for taxi services or for driving schools.

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Publication: 09.28.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

SMS for taxi services

If you are a taxi service, you can use SMS to provide useful information to clients. Some examples:

  • Send a message confirming a taxi reservation.
  • Send an SMS indicating that the taxi is arriving and that the customer should head to the meeting point.
  • Send an SMS once the customer has reached their destination with a call to action in case they need a taxi in the future.

SMS for driving schools

For driving schools, messaging services are a useful way to maximize customer experience. Below we outline a few ideas:

  • Using text messages as a reminder for classes. This is very helpful for practical lessons - if the student decides to cancel, you can contact another student immediately and optimize your work day to avoid dead time.
  • Send a congratulatory SMS when a student has passed their theory or practical exam.
  • Send an SMS to a student when their driving license has been received by the center, so they can collect it.
  • Send an SMS message reminding students of the date or time of their theory or practical exam.

The fact that 80% of SMS messages are opened by users in under two minutes makes it an immediate, fast, and most importantly, effective method of communication.

On the other hand, SMS platforms allow you to include links to a landing page where the customer can get in touch with your business. At LabsMobile, we can provide you with a personalized management system. Contact us and try the platform for free by creating an account.

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