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How to send SMS using PHP in 4 steps

Sending SMS massively in an automatic way is one of the main marketing techniques today. Communication via SMS offers many advantages, such as being immediate, sending thousands of messages in just seconds, and a very high open rate, among others.

It’s very simple and advantageous to integrate a platform or SMS service with LabsMobile to communicate directly using our PHP systems (web, CRM, eCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, Zend, Yii, management software, etc.).

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Publication: 01.18.2021
Última modificación: 04.20.2022
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The advantages of integration with an SMS API using PHP are the no need to export data and the creation of automatic processes always available. It’s possible to carry out SMS communications using certain events or actions in an individual way (just one message) or carrying out massive SMS campaigns.

What is PHP and how can it be used to send SMS

PHP is the most-used programming language to create a web or any software online. Platforms like WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, and long etcetera use PHP as a technology and programming environment. 

So, it’s easy and simple to integrate any web or software done in PHP so you can send SMS messages. You only need some basic knowledge of PHP and have an SMS sending platform that allows for sending them using an API like LabsMobile. 

The objective of SMS sent via PHP can be diverse and can include, for example: 

  • Purchase confirmation and change of status,
  • Appointment reminders, gatherings, or events,
  • Event notifications, forms, conversions, and relevant actions,
  • Sending promotional information: discount codes, news, etc,
  • Secure passwords using SMS and 2FA processes (OTP codes)
  • Alarms before errors or issues.

How to send SMS with PHP step by step

Sending SMS messages using any PHP software is easy and quick with LabsMobile and its SMS API. You just need to follow these steps:

1 Access specific information about the API and sample code in PHP. In LabsMobile, this information can be found on Select PHP as a programming language and the method “Send SMS”.

2 Copy the programming code PHP in the form, function, or software that interests you. It’s necessary to add the authentication data of your registered LabsMobile account: 

  • username: with the email or username of the account.
  • password: with the password or API token of the account.

3 It’s also necessary to personalize the data of the messages inside the JSON format sent in the call to the API. Concretely, you need to set up the following fields:

  • message: with the text of the SMS message. 
  • tpoa: message receiver (max 11 letters or 16 digits).
  • msisdn: a list of mobile numbers with the receivers plus their country code.

4 Lastly, you need to execute the script on a form or a PHP function. To check the messages are being sent correctly, you need to examine the cURL answer of the API and also check the state of the messages in History on your LabsMobile control panel.

How to send SMS using PHP in 4 steps

This is a basic sending of SMS through PHP. We recommend that you consult the API information and the services provided by LabsMobile to better use SMS communication. Concretely, it’s possible to make concatenated sendings SMSUnicode (with accents or emojis), shorten URLs, receive delivery or error confirmations, and more. 

These are some of our recommended links so you have more information about the API integration of LabsMobile:


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